[CLOSED] Itacho Sushi (Plaza Singapura)

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From the Burpple community

We enjoyed most of the food here and it's much better than the other sushi restaurant we went to last year at Westgate.

Didn't manage to take photos of all the sushis and food that we had, the ones featured are tako wasabi sushi, lobster and mango roll, blue fin fatty tuna sushi (currently on promotion) and dorsal sushi.

We loved the fatty tuna sushi, as well as the roasted scallop sushi and roasted eel sushi. The ingredients are so fresh and delicious. We also had the fried oysters which are big and juicy.

Some things were not how we remembered it to be - we thought the lobster and mango roll will come in a roll and not just two pieces. And we also had the baked stuff crab, which seemed to have shrunk significantly.

Overall a great experience. Service was fast at the start when we were earlier but rather slow towards the end when the lunch crowd started coming.

Love Itacho's fuss free, affordable, yet quality sushi. My must haves whenever I'm there are the roasted salmon sushi & roasted salmon w tenkasu roll ๐Ÿ˜‹

Surprisingly the cream croquettes were great! It were hot and creamy. So far these were best I had eat!

Love their fresh sashimi. Portion was pretty filling, and they didn't skimp on the sashimi/ingredients. Felt that the rice was drenched in soy sauce - would be better to leave the rice plain/lightly tossed with mirin vinegar, and leave customers to dip the fish in soy sauce on the side as they wish. Apart from that, great value and would order this again.

Price: $15.90

One of my favourite sushi hangout place to enjoy their salmon sushi โค๏ธ.

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Can I have more please? I can't get enough of these fishes with generous portion of mentaiko. Please allow more time for preparation. It's worth the try! ใ€‹$8 with DBS 50th Anniversary Promo (U.P. $16)