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[CLOSED] IZY Dining & Bar

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Izy is redefining the traditional izakaya. A thoughtful new take on Japanese cuisine and design. Savour intricate, fun small plates and an eclectic drink menu.


From the Burpple community

Maybe it’s the fresh tiger prawns that were a stark difference to the usually halved tiny (maybe mushy) prawns; maybe it’s the perfect balance of condiments and flavours, from the spicy chilli to the rich broth, umami-packed sakura ebi, and sweet lup cheong; or maybe it’s simply how I couldn’t seem to put the spoon down till the bowl was empty. I can’t really pin it down cause all I remember was snippets of “mm this is so good” while wolfing it all down 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Definitely won’t be the first or last to say this, but Izy Fook’s roasted meats is uh-maaaaazing. Period. Roast pork is well-seasoned, tasty and tender, with a good sliver of luscious melt-in-your-mouth fat and a cap of fabulously crunchy crackling. And the char siew, ooooh. Fantastically charred edges (I adore the black bits), a sticky sweet, caramel-y glaze, and such juicy meat!


Had the wagyu truffle don ($40++) for lunch. It had very good truffle flavour and the beef was very tender. They used Hokkaido rice and added an onset egg too. I found the portion too small! I wasn’t full after that. Wished the portion could be bigger.

1 for 1 lunch set thanks to #burpplebeyond. This tori gobo truffle don was super good! It came with a very generous serving of chicken and lightly seasoned with truffle soya sauce. Don’t forget to mix it together with that onsen egg!


Would I pay $50 for this maki again? Granted it made a magnificient entrance with uni, crabmeat, tuna and roe toweing over a 6 piece maki. But that was it with not much magic apart from the tastiness the components of the dish themselves. I'd save the $50 next time.


as simple as the dish may sound, this charcoal grilled duck liver was served together with diced strawberries and vinegar sauce. Quite an interesting pairing I must say!