J65 (Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-La)

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The new All Day Dining Restaurant is open from breakfast through the day. Lunch is an eclectic mix of Deli style food, a large element of plant and soil based foods, with a strong focus on South East Asian taste profiles and dishes. There is an option of take away, one plate prix-fix, or a full experience of the food spread, all set in a modern market style environment. The main focus will be on South East Asian cuisine. Authentic and robust flavors, artisanal displays with large and abundant portions, in keeping with farmers market feels.

1A Cuscaden Road
Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-La
Singapore 249716

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06:30am - 10:00pm

06:30am - 10:00pm

06:30am - 10:00pm

06:30am - 10:00pm

06:30am - 10:00pm

06:30am - 10:00pm

06:30am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Seafood buffet is available every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 9:30pm. Priced at S$68++ per adult, enjoy 50% off for 2nd diner.
Where to dine?
J65, Hotel Jen Tanglin
1A Cuscaden Rd, Level 1 Hotel Jen, Singapore 249716

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Outstanding quality

I walked past J65 to get to the bus stop 🚏 to get home but this huge baked salmon stopped me in my tracks .

It was too big ( and fresh ) to ignore . I picked up my phone , called my Sister and asked her for an impromptu dinner.

I was thinking of having salmon the whole day and what better than a freshly baked one covered in fresh tomato chutney ?

J65 was having a 2 for 88 plus plus eatbook discount ( instead of 58 plus plus per pax) . This offer was too good to miss and my rambling tummy gave in .

The variety at J65 is not huge but surprisingly they had all the items that I fancy .

The baked salmon was Uber fresh and moist - kudos to the Chef given that this is a huge fish and quite difficult to cook perfectly .

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Lobster theme buffet with more than 10 lobster dishes, from basic fresh lobster, bbq baby lobster to lobster thermidor and lobster bisque. There's anyways a lobster dish for everyone.

Dessert bar with chocolate fondue as well as fresh durian fillings.
There's also a DIY rojak & kueh pie tee station for those who would like to "prepare" something for their love ones.

However, it's kinda disappointing for the amount of choices given, so, do not visit this buffet with high hope. 😤

Price at $148++ for 2 via online booking promo code "eatbook" instead of the usual $188++

Food 2/10
Location 3/10
Ambience 9/10
Price 3/10
Service 7/10
Overall 4.6/10


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The seafood on ice was the star of the show! Free-flow Boston lobsters that were practically wiped out within minutes! I’m usually not crazy over seafood on ice and sashimi but I have to admit that the seafood on ice here were beyond amazing. The prawns and salmon sashimi were so fresh!

Cooked food wise..the selections were quite limited and tasted quite average to be honest. As a salmon lover, my favourite would have to be the whole baked salmon. An entire salmon fish was literally placed on the serving table...soft, tender, flaky...simply delicious.

I’m a dessert person too but they were a bit disappointing though. Very average. The small Portuguese egg tarts were not bad though but definitely put your focus on the seafood!


Prepare your stomach for many many Boston Lobster halves to recoup your investment. The other lobster dishes were delicious too - Lobster Thermidor, black pepper mini lobster, chilli crab style lobster, grilled lobster ... skip the watery bisque and fried rice and feast on the cooked food. Pro-tip: add Boston lobster meat to your DIY rojak and laksa and pretend you’re Bruce Wayne. Note to self: do not plate prawns and salmon sashimi on orange plates.

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Available theme on Friday/Saturday
Upon entry, just feast your eyes throughout the dining area and heaps of eye-catching Boston Lobsters facing you in the array.

But first up, the sake sashimi. Portion can make do with slightly thicker but nevertheless its good. Grab that first instead of lobsters and you will know why later.

Next, head for those succulent Boston Lobsters that you were eyeing right from the start. Most peeps are targeting the tail portion probably cause its already pry open and that's where most meats are. If you ate it blindly though, you are probably having the black stuff (intestinal tract albeit nothing wrong). I personally dig it out though and its not too difficult. They taste great and slightly chewier. But man I just prefer those pincers instead. Not hard shell, easy to twist and out pull those meats, smaller in size but its so much juicier and most people don't take it.

There are plenty of other options besides these 2 above briefly mentioning those that caught my tastebuds: oysters (probably Fin de Claire), roasted beef, fish w/ indian curries (its just too good to give this a miss), fried mantou w/ chilli crab gravy (those crab meats are tough inside though, not a fan), seafood thermidor, baked salmon, and the matcha ice cream and I make a twist with the chocolate fondue by having marshmallow dip in it and drizzle the chocolate over those matcha. After awhile, it hardens exactly like MacDonald chocolate cone. Didn't try the diy kueh pie tie (lazy), and rojak (lazy again).

At the value of 68++ /pax, its value for money. Book with chope or eatigo gets you 20% off!

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