[CLOSED] JAB Coffee Co.

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


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At $7.50, this could be one of the most affordable yet yummy version in SG I suppose!
The melted cheese 🧀 made it even better😍

Wanted to try their pancakes so I went very early (one of the first few customers) but I was told it was sold out. The eggs were not overcooked and paired well with the avocado for a filling meal. Not amazing but a good meal for cheap price in town area.

Strawberry pancake soufflé + ice cream (~9)
Didn’t have high expectations considering the price and after reading reviews but these pancakes turned out really well!! Fluffy, soft and airy, I was Glad I tried this out in the end. Pancakes were good I could have it on its own 😛


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The cafe is not too busy. My first here as it seemed like a great place to work. I had their coffee and this avocado toast, pretty impressed about there service and the quality of their food and coffee. Will come back again!

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Headed down to Jab Coffee Co to try their soufflé pancakes and boy were they worth it! For only $4.50, you get fluffy pancakes, alongside maple syrup and fresh berries, nothing out of the norm. Would highly recommend for those that have a pancake craving, are on a budget and in town as most places I know sell soufflé pancakes for 3-4 times the price. They also sell toasts, yogurts and coffee!

Tried the maple syrup soufflé pancakes. They are just sweet enough but not too sweet. And so darn soft and rich at the same time.