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Amazed that I passed by countless times and never noticed! Hard to find single storey coffee shop by itself, with free parking directly next to it, in Singapore already!
The Nasi Lemak is good. Definitely worth a try if you are around this area. Rice is hot, fluffy and not clumpy nor greasy. Ikan bills very crunchy, not limp. Fried chicken is crisp and tasty, and again not greasy. Chilli is slightly sweet, not overly spicy and really compliments.
Coffee is 70 cents! Where to find man. I heard vadai is good. Shall try next time.
Just for that half hour, felt like I was outside of sg, despite being in a pretty affluent neighbourhood of sg.

Pictured above is my order which cost $6.60. It’s from one of the rare old-school “kway chap” stalls that offers pig’s tongue, pig’s stomach along with the usual suspects of intestines, pork belly and egg. Their “zhup” (gravy) is fragrant and “gao” (thick) to the point of opaque blackness.
It is easy to locate them as it is only stall selling “kway chap” in the small, rather “ulu” hawker centre. You must be prepared to wait when you order though because the elderly couple who run the business, move quite slowly and therefore, need more time to prepare each order.


In an obscure, small hawker centre tucked along a stretch of old buildings on a road that most of you have probably never heard of is a stall selling really tasty Nasi Lemak.
“Muslim Food Stall No. 9” is its name and I found it purely by accident because the stall I’d planned to patronise was closed.
The rice of their Nasi Lemak is very fragrant and since they use basmati, it means their rendition is comparatively healthier due to the low glycemic index of the grain. Their sambal, the dark, sweetish type, makes for a formidably delicious pairing with the rice. The selection of toppings on offer isn’t massive but I loved what I chose: a crunchy-fried, chunky chicken fillet, sambal egg, sambal fishcake, sayur lodeh and crispiest ikan bilis. They had unfortunately, run out of sliced cucumber by the time I arrived that afternoon. Note to self: Got to get there earlier next time. Where is there, you ask? Here are the details:

Muslim Food Stall No. 9
Nasi Lemak at
56 Jalan Benaan Kapal
Singapore 399644

Opens 9am to 3pm,
closed on Sundays.


Don't expect Hai Di Lao or Beauty in the pot standards here; come for a nice "conventional" hotpot meal with your friends and family. The ingredients used here are nice, fresh, and also good value for money. Do try the dumplings ($1.50 each) as they really stood out


Great quality meat! Meat are sliced only upon order. All ingredients are really fresh. All these at a great value.


At the same food centre as Eatz Vadai I posted yesterday. Had this Kway Chap set for lunch for only $3.50. Intestines do not have smell, sauce is rich so it goes damn well with the ultra thin Kway. And the old couple are very generous with their ingredients! So good I went for another bowl of Kway. Will be back for this I'm sure.

Kway Chap
Add: 56 Jalan Benaan Kapal

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