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They slow-grill their food here, so expect to wait. It had a nice marinade and the chilli was unusually good. Pity they're kinda skinny.

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Dessert Stall:
166 Jalan Besar #02-58, 208877 (Berseh Food Centre)

This stall serves wonderful desserts. The plethora of hot and cold desserts they offer is amazing.

The aroma of the coconut sugar emanating from their stove is amazing good! It is irresistible!

Hot desserts like red bean soup, tau suan etc only goes for $1.20! It is almost unbelievable.

I order two cold desserts due to the hot weather. Both the chendol and bur bur Cha Cha are yummy!! Their shaved ice are impossibly fine and soft... such that they liquified in your mouth!

My next one to try would be their coconut (brown sugar) ice kacang ($2).

Not bad curry chicken noodles w cheery uncle. 4$/5$/6$ this is the 5$ portion

Starting at $8 for 6 pieces, have a feast over these crisp, golden babies with friends and family, and savour up all that the prawn paste shiok-ness, along with some of their other dishes - think braised beef brisket noodles, nasi lemak, Teochew porridge and more; you'll surely be spoilt for choice here! 😁

These are part of a tasting at @dahaishan. πŸ™πŸ»

Da Hai Shan is surely a first for a halal zi char store with a very extensive range of dishes, and even the name gives no hints of it being a halal food store. πŸ˜…

The Braised Beef Brisket Noodles ($7) is the crowd favourite with the beef cooked for several hours for tenderness and flavours to fully come through! It comes with radish and mushrooms, and you can add tendon ($1) and/or gigantic prawns ($3) to your noodles.

If you'd like something a little healthier, the Herbal Chicken Soup Treasures ($5.50) and Black Chicken Soup Treasures ($7.50) might be what you want to go for. Never found black chicken to be appealing visually and never was intrigued to try it, but I quite liked this, even more so than the white chicken as the former had a 'cleaner' taste. Meanwhile, the clear broth is pretty enjoyable, being rich in taste and not too oily for my liking.

There's also the Teochew Porridge which ranges in price depending on what you add to it. With many items to choose from, this is great for vegetarians with mock fish and char siew, mock sio bak and mock luncheon meat, as well as their special scrambled egg which has bits of chili for those who would like some spice to creep in. Otherwise, meat eaters can opt for meat and fish selections like (really spicy) otah or even shisamo (?!) and even Da Hai Shan's signature har cheong gai, although you might want to be mindful of what goes into your porridge just so you avoid that whole soggy situation. The porridge itself has a nice thick consistency which I personally really like.

All in all, Da Hai Shan's massive variety of dishes, that and that they are a halal food stall with vegetarian options, makes for a very ideal dining option for all to enjoy at Jalan Berseh Food Centre!

Many thanks to @dahaishan and @eatwithjw for having invited me for the tasting! πŸ™πŸ»

Possibly rarer than the pig trotter version these days is the shark meat jelly, another traditional cold dish popular with the Teochews.
Each springy piece has chunks of shark meat which are very soft, almost disintegrating to a powdery texture to be specific. Have no fear of fishiness as the smell and taste is neutral. To eat, just give it a quick swish in the accompanying dipping sauce which has a bit of chilli.
This delicacy is fast disappearing from our local food scene. So if you are open to trying it, please visit β€œLao Liang Pig Trotter Jelly & Shark Meat” (stall 37) at Jalan Berseh Food Centre.

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