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From the Burpple community

Honestly, I have never seen such big plump prawns in my hokkien mee until today. The medium portion ($6) has 4 large prawns and abit of squid and pork belly pieces and the prawns were so darn fresh and succulent! The noodles were very wet and the seafood broth is strong and fragrant and not too salty. The sambal has a good savoury kick as well, but I prefer my hokkien mee without so that I can fully taste the aromatic broth. Definitely will come back here again!

Hui Ji Local Delights (located on the 2nd floor)

from ‘mouth watering fresh prawn noodles’ stall !
a lot of stalls were closed and we felt like prawn noodles so we settled for the only one that was open! our dish was served up by a young hawker, presumably the daughter of the uncle we saw later on? i felt the prawn broth wasn’t packed w prawn flavour and was rather unassuming. the prawns were kinda juicy!! & i liked the well fried and flavourful lard. the noodles were just like any other noodles i think these yellow noodles are quite universal tasting so nothing much to say. shoutout to the uncle for being super attentive and kind and friendly tho he brought us extra utensils when he saw we didn’t have enough!! love good service and kind people 🥺 but food wise i think 6.5/10

Lives up to expectations and perfect for a rainy day. Piping hot with fried and sliced fish, fried egg and cabbage. Had the small version ($6) which came with quite a lot of fish pieces. The sliced fish was fresh and clean, the fried ones were ok and had bones. The chilli added a nick tangy kick. Probably the longest queue at Berseh but moved quickly. They open at 11:30 and sold out about 1 pm.

From 经济美食
Jing Ji Mei Shi
Simple classic local beehoon with fried egg, ngoh hiang and cabbages.
Porridge is another classic local item.
So yummy!


From the Mouthwatering prawn noodles stall. Standard soup noodles with deep prawn broth taste, served with three fresh prawns, green veggie, yellow egg noodles and bits of fried shallot and lard. Mix in the chilli for a nice kick. Quick to serve and satisfying for a small appetite

Super flavourful! Must try! 有家的味道
Finished the soup and didnt feel thirsty after 👍🏻