7 Maxwell Road
#02-79 Amoy Street Food Centre
Singapore 069111

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07:30am - 03:00pm

07:30am - 03:00pm

07:30am - 03:00pm

07:30am - 03:00pm

07:30am - 03:00pm


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From the Burpple community

Simple and taste really good. The portobello mushroom is so juicy! With the crunchy veg, perfect match. Good thing the filling is juicy as I realised there seems to be no sauce. It could have been dry for bite. Worth the try! I’m going back for the other flavours

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Amoy Street Food Center 05/08/19
James' Quesadilla & Brunch #02-79
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 0700H - 1600H, 1700H - 1900H
Sat-Sun: CLOSE
Pulled Pork Burrito ($5)
Came loaded with green and purple cabbage
The burrito layer was thin with a moist and slightly sour interior. I think some sort of tomato salsa was added. It was very juicy to the point that the bottom of the burrito became moist. I'll definitely choose this over a Subway as it tastes cleaner and is more affordable.
You can add their sriracha sauce for a spicy kick/pleasant burning sensation down your throat or the honey mustard for a sweet tangy contrast.
My gripe would be that the pulled pork was not tender nor very flavourful. However, when eaten as a whole, it paired well with all the other elements.
Price: 8.5/10
Taste: 8/10 (Definitely one of the better 'Healthier Choice' meals you can find at a Hawker Centre)
Overall: 8/10

See more at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1DdbnaASW2/?igshid=h8aucx8dvhb9


It was a bit disappointing to me, the pasta was served hot, but the salted egg taste doesn’t make me feel want to continue finish it.

The smoked salmon doesn’t taste great either. Probably would come back to try their burrito. I would say no for their pasta.


Maybe I collected it a little late but I believe it will taste better when you eat it hot. The salted egg chicken was well coated in curry leaves and salted sauce and the other ingredients are fresh. Salsa sauce served separately so you choose how much you want!

Been a crazy month of sorts with project deadlines, hence thankful for this burrito break with its punchy salted egg sauce. It is almost bursting with its veggie and the well fried chicken patty, plus the salted egg sauce was fragrant (and slightly heaty). Love the generous salsa serving at the side!

($6, 2nd floor of Amoy)

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Pulled Pork & Scramble Egg 🥚 Breakfast Burrito 🌯 (S$4.50)
Available at @jamesquesadillabrunch
Topup S$0.20 for takeaway.
Very filling with moist buttery egg.
James’ Quesadilla & Brunch
Address 🏠 : 7 Maxwell Road, # 02-79 Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 069 111
Open 💈 : Mon - Fri : 7am - 4pm, 5pm - 7pm
MRT 🚇 : Tanjong Pagar (EW15)