More Reviews at Jang Won Korean Restaurant

More Reviews of good food at Jang Won Korean Restaurant

Whenever I crave Korean food, Jang Won is one of the places that I will go to get my fix! Tried many different stews today, including their Soondubu ($16), Doenjang ($15) and their Kimchi Jjigae ($15). Their soondubu is my all time favourite, especially when you get the seafood version and all the sweet seafood broth gets into the stew. The Doenjang stew was very comforting as well, especially when you get that strong umami flavour from the fermented soy bean! Our least favourite was actually the kimchi stew, because its too sour for our liking.

The add-on stir fried pork ($10) was actually extremely good, as the pork slices were so tender and flavourful! Definitely will recommend the add on!

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Not the first time here, as the stews here are really wonderful and side dishes are very satisfying as well! The soft tofu stew with beef ($16) had a huge amount of ingredients and was so comforting. The jjajangmyeon ($15) is abit different from what I usually have, as the sauce is heavier on the bean taste and noodles are softer. Would prefer if the noodles are chewier though. Good nonetheless!


As I missed the pork backbone soup back in South Korea, I'm glad that this is one of the very few places that have it in Singapore. The ppyeohae jangguk ($18) may be pricey, but it was a huge portion. The taste of the soup may be slightly diluted as compared to the ones I've had in South Korea, but it is still very hearty nevertheless. The panchan provided are free flow, and they are also very tasty. A rather good place to settle your Korean food cravings!

Located in one of the shophouses along the Mosque Street. No much people here when we came for lunch.

They have this lunch promotion where you can get a main dish and adding side dish for a cheaper price.

Every meal will comes with the traditional side dishes and drink.

Marinated with salt, dried under the sun, simple, tasty & rich with vitamin A & protein 😘
Army Stew ($34) was our standard must order. Never get enough of the sausage, ham & ramen in spicy soup. Sadly this was more salty than spicy, making it lacked the ‘kick’ 😉

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I came for lunch over here many times and every time quite impress. Food is very nice staff very service mind. Really reasonable price with excellent food. Recommended worth to pay for your stomach!!


Food was super delicious. Ordered kimchi soup and grilled pork. The pork was really delicious with the marination. Superb, great place for couples and gatherings.

this is another really delicious dish! there is more vegetables than rice. haha!

definitely recommend to eat (:


best best best dish ever! stir fried rice cakes with ramyeon. it was so yummy we almost ordered a second plate.

its spicy with a hint of sweetness.

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The pork belly pictured here is average tasting but I really liked their tender and fresh Korean fish that's marinated to perfection! 😋😍

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Our epic food trail in JB yesterday that lasted till 2am in the morning, starting with some awesomeeeee meat and seafood spam! #foodiesftw @vincent_liangquan @jerchin @morg_ong

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