Jekyll & Hyde

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The bar is clad in deep wood and stone finishes, managing to appear both polished and raw at the same time, in a tribute to the dual personalities from which its name is derived. This ethos is immediately apparent in the bar’s offerings. You won’t soon be finding your standard, run-of-the-mill cocktails; in their place on the menu are unusual, custom concoctions that pair unique flavors and ingredients unlike anywhere else. Jekyll & Hyde encourages its patrons to communicate their beverage preferences in a concerted effort to serve what resident mixologist and cocktail genius Jeff Ho (formerly of Bar Stories acclaim) promises to be an off the menu, fully customized drink. “Everyone has a unique palette and we want to make sure that your drink is exactly what you, and only you, would want”, he adds.


From the Burpple community

Cocktails were pretty small but they were good!!! We tried Sesame Street ($20), Spice my monkey up ($22), Lady in Red ($20). Cosy and great place for date nights and catch up with friends ☺️✨

Stated on the menu as a soya-tofu-granola blend. The taste was reminiscent of lao ban tau huay with an alcoholic tinge. Nice but a pitifully small portion barely amounting to slightly more than half a cup after allowing for the foam on top, but I guess it all contributes to its exquisiteness and leaves you craving for a second drink.

Helped alleviate some of the disappointment when I found out my that favourite Mr Bean was gone.
The concoction brazenly grabs at you with a satisfying amount of kick, supplemented with the familiar fragrant bitterness of Kopi-O, which then gets balanced out by a dash of sweetness that follows it. Not to mention the show-stealing presentation that appeals to the nostalgics.
📍49 Tras St, Singapore 078988
⏱️ (Mon-Fri) 5pm-12am, (Sat)
6pm-12am, closed on Sun

1 for 1 signature cocktail deal! (Which was discounted as 50% off each for some reason as we ordered 2 cocktails at diff prices)

This tasted like an alcoholic version of soya bean milk that blended well with everything else in the ingredient list, though I couldn’t differentiate it out one by one.

Although the serving is really small, it’s a nice place for cocktails and the back bar is so cosy! Hope they will renew their Burpple vouchers after Sep 2019! Valid only until end of this month.

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1 for 1 signature cocktail deal! (Which was discounted as 50% off each for some reason as we ordered 2 cocktails at diff prices)

Rum, whiskey, amaretto and walnut bitters.

Whoa this was strong! And very smokey. Apparently the longer you leave the cork on, the more smokey it becomes.

If you’re a fan of smokey whiskeys this is the way to go. I enjoyed it a lot ;)

Thanks Burpple 1 for 1! Expiring 30 Sep 2019.

We tried their signature cocktails.

Very strong drink with bitter undertones. Also taste kinda smokey as if it has cigarette smoke mixed in. What sorcery is this? Haha but not my kinda drink.