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From the Burpple community

Morning Brew is an interesting mix of black tea-steeped rum, cardamom-infused Kahlua, and bitters. This drink might sound bitter, but it is surprisingly subtly sweet. Notes of spicy flavor with hints of oak and toffee.


Hello, sweet summertime. Summer is best enjoyed at the pool, explaining the potentially confusing name. This is basically a vodka (instead of rum) mojito with watermelon, mint, and lime juice. Nice and sparkly with the soda water, this drink reminds me of Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies. A sassy and refreshing drink.


Tinge of sour from the sour plum, sweet and a little fresh from the citrus and guava, and a kick from the vodka. A tropical, bright and refreshing drink that’s easy to drink. Layer of frothy foam makes it smooth too.


The signature Malaysian Jungle Bird cocktail with a twist of tequila and more agave. This colourful drink is refreshing, fruity, and sweet.


Cocktail features a lovely pandan aroma from the giant pandan leaf (twice the height of our glass) stuck in our glass, and garnished with a sambal rim. Drunk on its own, this whiskey coconut soda is so light and refreshing, that it may even be able to act as a palate cleanser of sorts. Non-spicy food lovers be warned — this drink is best enjoyed with that dab of sambal to amplify the pandan notes in the Glenfiddich.


TIL that lychees have another name — Lychees are the sole member in the genus Litchi. A lonely fleshy lychee is skewered onto a pick as garnish, together with an orange peel to add zest that brightens up the cocktail. This lychee martini is a fruity, floral take on the classic martini. The floral vermouth and notes from the bitters complements the lychee liqueur and makes the lychee flavour pop! It’s a smooth drink that is easy to enjoy.