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From the Burpple community

The century egg & minced meat porridge looks and tastes better than Chee Cheong Fun. A decent amount of sliced century egg and pork strip. We enjoy it with white pepper, spring onion and garlic garnish. The texture is consistent and not lumpy so we say better go for this dish if you need a quick breakfast fix.


Got curious of this dish due to lots of rave review. It is a miss for us as some CCF hasn’t got much love ie. Chilli sauce. It was done hastily (unlike other places that we can watch CCF in a making!) We notice layer of sauces piling up. We’d rather skip this dish next time.

My mum was the one who intro me this stall. This was her fav. I was skeptical of how special can the simple dish of Chee Cheong Fun and yam cake be, don't they taste the same everywhere? I was wrong, the Chee Cheong Fun here is silky smooth, the sweet sauce was not too sweet and the fragrant sesame oil and sesame made it taste even better. I usually order the Chee Cheong fun and yam cake combo but it was sold out that day. The yam cake here is really good too!

The parents agreed this was awesome! Mum did prefer the chee cheong fun over the yam cake, she loves it's fluffyness.

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Chanced upon this before yoga class one day, and why didn't I discover this earlier? Just when I'm about done with classes... major loves for the soft and smooth yam cake, chee cheong fun was good too!


I don’t like CCF. It’s plain to the point of boring to me.
But my my.. don’t underestimate this humble plate of Chee Cheong Fun.

It was insanely melty soft and silky. With a strong hoisin sauce to boost the dish. I mean STRONG to the point that I feel it’s bordering a little too salty.

But it’s altogether light and fluffy and the same time.

You just want one bite after another 😍


Could always do with a little more sesame fragrance/oil

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