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#01-44/45 Nanking Row
Singapore 048660

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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These are large tiger prawns wrapped in a silky gyoza skin before being pan-fried and glazed with their signature ebi oil-infused whisky.
Also included in their set is their highly popular Yamazaki Whiskey Ramen, back by popular demand. After its absence for a few months, you can now have the springy noodles in a sweet amaebi broth laced with the slight smokiness of ebi oil-infused whisky.
For $28 nett, you get
* a Mini bowl of Yamazaki Whisky Ramen
* three Whisky Tiger Prawn Gyozas
* sparkling yuzu drink
In order to get this, you'll have to purchase a ticket off Saucy, before making a booking at the restaurant. Only 30 portions for lunch and dinner are available daily. To reserve this set:
1. Purchase a $3 ticket on Saucy at; and
2. Pay the balance of the dish at the restaurant.
This is only available until 26 May 2018.
Jimoto-Ya ‪3 Pickering Street‬
‪Nanking Row‬
‪Unit 01-44/01-45‬
‪Singapore 048660‬
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The chef recommended us to try the broth before adding in the Yamazaki shot. Surprisingly, the whisky cuts the oiliness of the broth and adds a hint of smokiness. It was rich yet not “jelak”. The shot of whisky added a whole new flavour profile and a unique touch to the ramen. Additionally, in place of the usual Chashu slices, the ramen is topped with generous chunks of minced chicken and pork. Along with the Whisky Ramen, they have launched a new side item – Whisky Tiger Prawn Gyozas. Succulent tiger prawns are wrapped in gyoza skin, pan-fried to golden brown, and glazed with their signature ebi oil-infused Yamazaki.
In collaboration with Saucy, Jimoto Ya will be launching an exclusive set featuring a mini bowl of their Yamazaki Whiskey Ramen, 3 Whisky Tiger Prawn Gyozas, and a sparkling Yuzu drink at just S$28. To enjoy this exclusive set, diners have to purchase a ticket via, before making a booking at the restaurant.
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Where to dine?
Jimoto Ya
3 Pickering Street, Nanking Row, 01-44/01-45 (opp Hong Lim Complex), Singapore 048660

You may have heard of the legendary Whisky Ebi Miso Ramen, a collab by @jimotoyasg and Well, meet version 2.0.
Limited to 30 portions daily and which you need to purchase a ticket for on, it is no longer just noodles but a set meal priced at $28 nett. The bowl of ramen has been sized down but it is now accompanied by three prawn gyozas and a glass of yuzu soda.
I think the gyozas are interesting because they‘re actually large whole prawns with a piece of soft, silky-smooth dumpling skin and chopped up prawns wrapped around them. The drink‘s a great idea because it helps refresh the palate with its sparkling citrus note. The highlight for me however, is still the ramen.
Jimoto Ya’s fiercely umami prawn broth is truly in a league of its own. That rich liquid gold is downright delicious with noodles, chunky cuts of cabbage and minced pork cooked in. But when spiked with the “magic potion” of Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve Whisky and ebi oil, the taste is out-of-this-world.
I suggest booking soon if you want to try this because I heard the set is available only until May.

Like a guest you weren’t expecting but who became the life of the party, the hint of ginger in this Buta Kakuni proved to be a very pleasant surprise.
The other main requisites of this classic comfort food, namely a pork belly that threatens to fall apart and the presence of chunky vegetables, were all accounted for.
Although this is categorised as a side dish in Jimoto Ya’s menu, a bowl of plain rice is served with it. So basically, you can enjoy their Buta Kakuni as a meal. Pretty good for fifteen bucks I must say.

In collaboration with, they had brought back the popular Whisky Ramen and also introduced Whisky Tiger Prawn Gyozas!

Springy noodles in a sweet amaebi broth laced with ebi oil-infused Yamazaki whisky, the whisky ramen was unlike what I had before as it enhances the sweetness of the broth. Juicy tiger prawn gyoza is also glazed with whisky, making it a delightful addition to the meal.

Limited to only 30 sets for lunch and dinner daily, you'll get to enjoy a mini bowl of whisky ramen, three large whisky prawn gyozas along with a sparkling yuzu soda. diners must first purchase a $3 ticket on Saucy via and pay the balance at the restaurant. Available until 26 May 2018.

Address: 3 Pickering Street, Nanking Row, Unit 01-44/01-45, Singapore 048660
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One of the best pork belly I've ever eaten. This is made from Kagoshima Kurobuta Belly, cooked in dashi stock and served with rice. The pork fat from the kurobuta had that delicate fragrance, while the dashi sweetness was very well-infused into the pork. Uber soft as well. If you've budget for fats and calories that day, go for this. This is as good as it gets 😋
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Not my first time having this but this is really really fragrant and smooth.

Part 3 of 5 completed and each one is getting better. Really enjoyed the recommendation by Jon to try by this progression: Shio, Shoyu, Curry, Miso and then Miso + Yamazaki! In case of any misrepresentation, there are no shrimps in this ramen. The pic here is their set lunch which comes with choice of 2 sides: a piece of tori-karaage and potato salad featured here; and slice of watermelon and rock melon (from Japan)! Love the Curry version which the broth is nothing but thick. The broth still carry through that rice shrimp umami and in this case the Japanese curry flavours comes complementing it so well. Certainly unique, not pretentious and well executed.

Had already read mixed reviews of this place before visiting so I definitely tried this with balanced expectations. Many people would say that this is simply ‘atas’ prawn noodles but I honestly beg to differ. It tastes like a richer version of that, no doubt, but the ramen does carry a flavor that is distinctive from the local prawn noodles. I really enjoyed the thick ebi fragrance and taste that came with the shoyu version of this ramen (which is also their most recommended). And who can say no to such a perfect ajitama egg 😂👌🏻 If I have to critique on something, it would probably be the lack of the usual chashu that I’m used to. It is instead replaced by the less substantial minced meat - 👵🏻 #burpple #throwback

Chicken so succulent and juicy freshly fried upon order with that really crunch-packed batter, you only need... a good bowl of ramen to go with it!

1 level up from Shio that I had last week. The broth is scalding hot so not advisable for the cat-tongued. The broth has a more robust shoyu flavour but the ebi umami is not lost. Same accompaniments of ajitsuke tamago, cabbage and minced pork.

Didn’t know that both ramen and whisky can work so well together. Just the fragrance of the dish is enough to pique my appetite! The soup broth is delightfully sweet with a subtle tinge of smoky whisky flavour, and it’s definitely something that my palate love. The ramen was springy and I was surprised to find that it actually boosts a mellow sweet flavour instead of the usual eggy/alkaline taste. Do try out the Shio Ice cream 🍦 too for the slightly salty flavour is rather interesting!

No secret to a good bowl of ramen, what ever style or ingredients you favour, it has to be hot! The temperature of the broth has to at minimum sustained through as you devour the bowl of noodles. Jimoto has certainly got this spot on. I would recommend Shio for those who want to taste its original flavours. The broth is rich with umami of fresh sea shrimps and not thick, so you wouldn't get that gelak-ness. Your crave/missing for cha siu can be easily replaced by a side order of gyoza or corn croquette which are both nice accomplishment.

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Lovely caramel pudding with a hint of bitterness. Not too sweet and theres a slight smokiness

Jimoto Ya the prawn ramen specialist is coming up with a new dish, and they're expected to launch this next Friday.
You can also expect a revamped interior with a segregated section for an Izakaya setting, making that Izakaya corner more cosy for evening drinks.
This is part of the new Izakaya menu, and I found their tendon to be more crispy and less salty than other tendons we have here. I haven't tried their other Izakaya items, but I'm excited!
This bowl is sponsored by Sean the boss of Jimotoya.

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