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So while slurping (and getting high 😆) on our bowls of Ebi Miso Ramen with Fat-washed Yamazaki Whisky, this suddenly arrived. Needless to say, we were all too happy to have a complimentary taste of the upcoming NEW MENU of @jimotoyasg's grilled items - thanks @stonecoldrockstar
There's absolutely nothing to fault here as each item on this plate of Yakimono Moriawase was shiok-ly seasoned, evenly grilled and tasted really fresh. After chatting more with Sean (the owner of the restaurant), I learned it's because they avoid using frozen ingredients and that includes the chicken wings. This was great news because trust me, the difference is obviously tastier.
I enjoyed all the skewers but if I had to pick my top 3, then it's got to be the crispy chicken skin, the shiso peppers and the amazingly juicy stuffed shiitake mushrooms. They're totally bomb-ilicious!!
This new menu should be available in 2 to 3 weeks' time, but it isn't the only upcoming change at Jimoto Ya. They will also be undergoing a mini spatial transformation to offer customers more choice in dining experience. But don't worry, it's still business as usual all the way.

The $28 limited edition bowl of Ebi Miso Ramen with 20ml of Fat-washed Yamazaki Whisky is worth every damn cent!
I was told a lot of R&D went into this to get the balance of ebi (prawn) oil and Yamazaki whisky calibrated for supreme oishii-ness. Let me assure you, it's really paid off.
When the ramen arrives, you're suppose start by sipping some of the broth in order for your tastebuds to register the original taste of the ebi miso. Only after that do you pour in the cup containing the specially-prepared ebi-intensified Yamazaki whisky. In an instant, you can tell how much the umami prawn note is heightened, and as you slurp up the noodles and soup, there is this continuous presence of the whisky's seductive aroma and taste. It's not unlike being enveloped by a warm cloud of the alcohol. Mmmmmm....
Naturally, something so captivating takes extra effort and time to prepare. Which explains why there are only 30 bowls of this ramen a day. To ensure you don't miss out, you'll need to book on
By the way, the owner of Jimoto Ya shared that his plan is to serve this until the end of this year but it isn't a sure thing. So I recommend you visit sooner rather than later if you are keen to taste this.

The chicken flesh was tender as can be but its skin, supposedly because of a high-tech Japanese contraption used in the frying process, possessed an unusual, magnificently explosive crunch which generated in-mouth noise louder than a "Return Our CPF" protester at Hong Lim Park. 3.8/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Jimoto-Ya.

The ebi miso ramen by Chef Mieda of Michelin-starred restaurant is now made better, after collaboration with Saucy in coming up with an ebi oil infused ramen. It took Jimoto Ya and Saucy literally months of R&D, experimenting with various types of whiskey before coming up with this.
The whiskey was fat-washed with pure ebi oil to infuse the sweetness of prawns into the whiskey. You're then given a 20ml shot of ebi oil infused Yamazaki whiskey to pour into the soup yourself. The balance is genius, because the whiskey wasn't overpowering as part of the alcohol has been removed from the fat washing process. I'm not a huge fan of whiskey, yet I love how well they've melded whiskey with their ramen.
Since the standard miso ramen is $17, this means that the ebi oil yamazaki shot is only $11. If you love whiskey, I think it's a steal.
It's available in limited quantities, and you'll need to go to website to purchase your bowl before heading down to Jimoto Ya at Nanking Row.
Taken during an invited tasting.

Essentially a ramen with charmingly short noodles, chicken and pork minced meat and a Michelin-starred tonkotsu/amaebi broth which possesses magical powers of heat retention. The ramen is served with a 20ml shot of ebi oil-infused Yamazaki whisky, and once the whisky is added into the broth you get a wondrously fragrant creation which instantly introduces orbs of tingling, comforting warmth to every crevice in your body, with each mouthful of piping hot broth treating you not just to its prawn-heavy umami but also some major vaporously up-your-nose whisky joy. Outrageously good. 4/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Jimoto-Ya. The Yamasaki Ebi Miso Ramen is an off-menu special item exclusively available via order on Saucy ( until 31 Dec 2017 and is priced at S$28. Only 30 bowls are available daily.

I like Yamazaki,
Uhh, I like Yamazaki Ebi miso ramen!

Lovely rich umami Ebi miso stock that’s satisfying and not jelak. Add a shot of Yamazakai for that punch. Japanese XO Hae Mee that’s totally awesome.

18$ for ladies set

I had the Ebi Shoyu Ramen before and the smell of prawn was too overwhelming for me. When I ordered this I was a little worried since the overwhelming prawn taste might clash with the curry taste. However, both ingredients worked really well together, where both did not try to overpower the other. The curry taste was light and made for a good soup to go down with the noodles. The set came along with 2 sides of your choice and a dessert. Worth every penny and will visit again for yummy ramen especially when it’s rainy.

I ordered this cos other reviewers raved about it. But I'm not a croquette person so this was ok only. But I must say it was very crispy and the corn was very creamy. I liked the sauce that came with it.

This shio ebi ramen was the highlight of my dinner. Indeed it was scaldingly hot. But so very tasty! It was full of prawn flavors and very very addictive. I didn't mind scalding my tongue. Wonderful soup. It stayed piping hot till the very end. The noodles were Q and to my surprise, didn't turn nuah in the hot soup, even thou I ate like a tortoise cos it was so hot. I wanna try other flavors!

This tori Kara-age was so crispy! Well marinated chicken thigh fried to perfection. And drizzled with lemon, it was epic. At first I thot the pcs were so small, but they were big on taste. I would order this again.

This was a really small portion for $16. The rice was infused with the lovely scent of prawns. Very appetizing. Prawns were fresh but I couldn't taste any garlic. All in all a very nice bowl of fried rice, but I still prefer the fried rice from Menya Sakura.

From 1 August to 30 September 2017, there is a Ebi Shoyu Ramen Otoko Set Promotion which is available only during lunch. You get to choose 2 side dishes to accompany your ramen from celery salad, fried lotus, tofu, potato salad, and more. The set allows for free upsize of meat and vegetables, and comes with a barley tea, and the dessert of the day.

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Pretty good. Miso flavours lightly complement the ebi broth. I personally prefer the shio version. But you know ramen, it's highly depends on the person!

So fluffy on the outside and creamy corn flavoured stuffing on the inside. Lovely! (8/10).

Loved how this bowl of ramen gets the basics right. Ultra hot broth that stays hot for a long while and ajitama egg done so right. Ramen is chewy and goes really well with ebi flavoured broth. Includes healthy servings of cabbage. Quirky interesting space. Highly recommended! Thanks burpple community for finding this! (8/10)

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