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#026-016 Changi Airport Terminal 2
Singapore 819643

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From the Burpple community

Shared the cheese platter which has mandu, popcorn chicken and wings and this reminds me of kfry in JB! Just that the dish cooled down quite quickly haha. I thought it was pretty yummy and I liked how there was sesame sauce on the mandu too 😋 the cheese was stretchy so it was chewy and tasty from all the chicken sauce!

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Minced chicken, carrot slices, cucumber slices, kimchi and an onsen egg mixed in their bibimbap sauce. Overall, it’s not fragrant but at least it served in a hot stone pot making the rice a little crispy.

Regret ordering the k-pop chicken because it’s mostly crispy flour and skin, only manage to find 1-2 pieces that contains the meat.

(S$7.90, + S$4 for K-pop chicken & drink)

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Crispy fried chicken with a slice of cheese and veggies in between the buns, pretty decent burger.


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• Chicken Burger (S$7.90, + S$2 for drink & seaweed fries)

Crispy fried chicken with a slice of cheese and veggies in between the buns, pretty decent. Seaweed fries was good, comparable to 4fingers one.

• 2-in-1 Jjampong - original & Jiaiang Myeon (S$11.90)

The jjampong was incredible salty (msg max), filled with squids and kimchi bits. The jiaiang myeon was clumpy in the sweet-savory black bean sauce. Overall, the portion was little.

• Jinjja Wings - soy garlic (6pcs - S$7.90, + S$3 for drink & tteokbobbki fries)

Soy garlic wings are crispy and not overly salty. Don’t bother ordering the tteokbobbki fries because it’s just 3 non-amazing tteokbobbki added on top of the fries.

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🤤 Here're some of the other staples (available at all outlets) that I REALLY loved; the ✨beef bulgogi kimbap and ✨personal pot army stew! The former is essentially your maki-style rice roll, with seaweed wrapped around tender bulgogi slices that are surprisingly umami & well-seasoned!! And the latter is simply a must-get alongside the chicken - the spicy soupiness somehow manages to balance out the fried goodness while preempting your taste buds for the next bite of chicky!! What sorcery is this?!
Of course, the best way to end a meal is with DESSERT! The ✨soft serve here is - and I quote the bird outside my window - CHEEP CHEEP CHEAP!!!!! $1.80 for a refreshing tower of minty iciness perched atop a crisp charcoal cone? I'd take this over creamier any day. Let me just reiterate that it's a CHARCOAL cone (not just tinted black) with the full-on granular texture and charred flavour. Make sure to get your tongue on the limited mint flavour before the season ends!!🍃
Beef kimbap: $8.90
Jiage (army stew): $10.90
Bulgogi Kimbap: $8.90
Caramel / Mint Soft Serve: $1.80/cone


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Omo You’d never expect a fast food chain to churn out good soft serve but....THE MINT ONE HERE IS AMAZING!!! The icy yet slightly chewy texture is quite legit, plus overall it’s the right level of sweetness such that it doesn’t overwhelm. 2nd best part is the charcoal cone that isn’t just dyed black - upon biting, one can really feel the granularity and subtle charred-ness. Caramel is the complete opposite, cloyingly sweet in my opinion but my friends LUV IT!

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