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Tried the Bulgogi Beef Bimbap (~$8.90) which reminds me of a slightly oilier sushi roll 🤪🍙🍘 Beef was supEr well seasoned, and the sauce was so addictive??? YUMMZA
I thought everything went well together, though I’d suggest eating the pieces in bites rather than putting the whole thing in your mouth! 😛 Bc I tasted more depth and flavouring in 2 mouthfuls like how the cheese + veg added a diff layer of saltiness to the beef 🐂

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Couldn't decide between jjampong and jjajang myeon? Try @jinjjachicken 2-in-1 jjamjja meyon for $11.90.

Personally I like the jjampong better cause it has a rich seafood taste and kick of spiciness to it ❤️


I'm a changed man. I dislike Korean food and always thought they're inferior. If they attempt dumplings, which the Chinese and Japanese are very good at, they gotta be inferior. So wrong. The wrap was well executed, the filling was sumptuous and the sesame sauce lifted it to another level.

Jinjja Wings Party Set ($49.90). A fan who loves Korean chicken, I love the fact that this lived up to the standard they serve in Korea.

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Even though I knew that icelab was just a corner of a street away, I still wanted to give it a shot.

Bingsoo looked amazing too. Each bowl came with a generous scoop of ice cream.

The strawberry cheesecake bingsoo ($9) came with a piece of cheesecake. It looked so cute I couldn’t wait to try it!

Really LOVED the incorporation of cookie crumbs, ice cream and cheese cake. Pretty original idea, wished all bingsoos had the cookie crumbs now hahaha.

The portion size was HUGE & we both couldn’t even finish half the bowl even though that was our lunch…. oh gosh.

But I personally found it too sweet for my liking. In comparison to that of ice lab, the ice wasn’t as flaky. I also found the ice more sugary rather than milky. Would definitely have preferred it to be less sweet.

I don’t think I’ll be ordering the bingsoo again because I feel like it’s too sweet for my taste buds and I’m not really into ultra sweet desserts. However if you do have a sweet tooth this may be the bingsoo for you ☺️🍓❄️✨


Got a mix of the spicy sauce and soy garlic, and the soy garlic is definitely the winner! My first time at Jinjja and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Skin was perfectly crispy and the chicken thighs were juicy and large! Good place to have a snack or meal with friends!