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11:30am - 09:00pm

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Super affordable Korean stew in the heart of the CBD!

What's great to have especially with all the rain nowadays is a hot piping Korean stew. @jjigaejjigae offers different jjigae sets such as pork, beef, beef & pork, seafood (pictured, $16.90 for 1 pax and $28.90 for 2 pax).

Each set is packed with different ingredients. For example, for seafood, there are mullet fish slices, octopus, prawns, black mussels, white clams, cheddar cheese, cheese cocktail sausages, cheese tofu, napa cabbage, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, white onion, leek, tau kwa, baked beans, rice cakes, kimchi, dangmyeon and the beauty collagen stock. What a mouthful, literally.

They have a signature house-made beauty collagen stock and claims that it provides youthful radiance, energy and metabolic boost. One can choose from three collagen base flavours: yuzu salt, doenjang and kimchi gochujang!


If you ever wanted to combine Japanese beauty pots and Korean army stews, Jjigae Jjigae’s Beauty Collagen Jjigae is just the thing. Located at Raffles Xchange, their menu is catered to the more health conscious and encourages everyday communal dining (perfect for long Friday lunches *wink wink*). Perhaps a good alternative to your usual Budae-jjigae weeknight feasting too.

So to start, you can pick from three base flavours (Yuzu Salt, Doenjang and Kimchi Gochujang) and four main meat selection (Pork, Beef, Seafood and a combination of Pork & Beef). Having tried a couple of the flavours, the unanimous favourite was the Yuzu Salt Collagen base paired with an assortment of seafood and ingredients ($16.90/ 1 pax, $28.90/ 2 pax) - sliced mullet fish, octopus, prawns, black mussels, white clams, cheddar cheese, cheese tofu, cheese cocktail sausages, napa cabbage, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, white onions, leeks, tau kwa, rice cakes, baked beans, kimchi, sweet potato noodles and of course, Beauty Collagen Stock. Light yet thick, the harmonious blend is intentionally kept so by adding just a small amount of stock each time so that the stew can thicken. Hence, each spoonful is collagen-rich and completed with the hint of yuzu!

*This was a hosted meal


The Beauty Collagen Jjigae comes in either single or double pot size - selecting your collagen soup base from yuzu salt, doenjang, and kimchi gojuchang. 

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If you get hit with a Korean stew craving but you a loner like me, stop stewing! Jjigae Jjigae is a godsend thanks to their individual beauty collagen stew pots.

This pot of pork jjigae ($12.90) was loaded with ludicrous amounts of shabu shabu pork, cheese cocktail sausages, cheese tofu, a whole garden's worth of mushrooms, baked beans, more tofu, another garden's worth of vegetables, tteokboki and glass noodles.

The kimchi gochujang stock is slightly spicy and sour much like tom yum, but it's considerably thicker, fuller bodied and more savory. Other than the stock, this stew ain't anything to write home about. Fret not though, you're most definitely squeezing out as much value as you can out of that $12.90 due to the gargantuan portion in each pot.

The only gripe I had with Jjigae Jjigae was just how shallow their pots were, which resulted in the broth boiling up far too quickly far too often, and me frantically smashing the button to reduce the heat on the induction stove before the whole restaurant got lit.


If difficult gathering makan kakis have left you with too many unsatisfied Korean stew cravings, this new spot at Raffles Xchange may just be the answer to your jjigae woes. Over here, Korean stews are served in considerably smaller portions good for one or for sharing with a friend — there's no longer a need to gather an army for the communal feast! What's more, Jjigae Jjigae specialises in collagen hot pots that are purportedly great for the skin and metabolism. There are three collagen bases to choose from — yuzu salt, doenjang (non spicy) and kimchi gochujang. All of them are flavourful, but here's our advice. Get the latter if you fancy some traditional flavour, but we'd have you know that the light and zesty yuzu salt is the favourite among our Burpple Tastemakers. Prices start from $12.90 (for one pax, $19.90 for two) for a pork jjigae and go up to $16.90 (for one, $28.90 for two) for the seafood jjigae.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Acamas Teo

A new Korean beauty collagen hotpot place has opened that's great for you CBD peeps! Right beside Waa Cow! at Raffles Xchange, it's perfect for one of those days where you want a long, relaxing lunch. 😛

We tried a few combinations but the yuzu salt collagen base with seafood was the tastiest for me. Turn on the cooker and wait as the collagen hiding below the generous ingredients melts down to a delicious broth. It had that savoury, sticky mouthfeel that a good collagen soup usually has which went pefectly with the refreshing yuzu. Put that with the fresh flavours of the sea and we have a winner! I'm not a jjigae expert, but apparently it's one of the cheaper ones around too. 🤑


Attended a Burpple Tastemaker Eatup yesterday at both Jjigae Jjigae and Waa Cow Sushi Bar that are conveniently located at Raffles Place MRT Xchange. Hadn't been to Jjigae Jjigae before as Budae Jjigae is usually seen as a communal dish meant to be shared across the table — Jjigae Jjigae's approach of serving them at slightly lower prices and small portions good for 1 to 2 pax is definitely a refreshing take that would suit the busy office folks at CBD during lunch hours.

We tried a couple of the Collagen Jjigae listed on their menu — yes, instead of using a regular stock, the Budae Jjigae comes with Collagen base which is said to enhance beauty but also makes the Budae Jjigae a little richer as well. There are three types of Collagen bases to choose from — Yuzu Salt, Doenjang and Kimchi Gochujang; the Doenjang being a soy base that would work well for those who do not take spiciness, while the Kimchi Gochujang comes with that slight tinge of spiciness amidst a tangy yet sweet base (a flavour that I find that is associated to Budae Jjigae very well). The Yuzu Salt is the most interesting of the three — light and refreshing with a hint of zestiness coming from the yuzu, it is something that is different from the usual Budae Jjigae out there. Depending on preference, one can order pork, beef, a mix of pork and beef or the seafood variants — all of them come with a generous load of ingredients such as the meats/seafood, tofu, cheese, baked beans, glass noodles, sausages, cheese tofu, greens, mushrooms etc.

Apart from Budae Jjigae, Jjigae Jjigae also carries Rice Balls in their menu — a fun eat that involves wearing some gloves and getting a little messy to shape the mix of ingredients into rice balls. Of all the variants we got to try, the Anchovy Rice Balls was my favourite — the mix of ingredients, crunchiness from the anchovies, the chew from the rice and the short hint of spiciness from the chili padi; it's all something that is completely up my alley.

Pretty much enjoyed myself here on a weekend where Raffles Place wasn't as packed as it usually would be during lunch hour on the weekday, though it seems to be a particularly good place with well-sized Budae Jjigae for office folks in the area. Thanks to Jjigae Jjigae for hosting and Burpple for the invite!


And my personal Favourite is the Seafood & Yuzu Salt combination. 😋
The Yuzu Collagen base is hidden amidst a gorgeous amount of assorted seafood. Let it melt & you have a comforting broth that comes in limited supply to keep it rich with Collagen. Down it all & let your face glow the next day.
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