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From the Burpple community

Better than what we expected! This combo includes 4 Hokkien dumplings, 4 Nonya dumplings and Kuehs. All of damn taste so good especially the Hokkien dumplings that so many relatives complimented. JCKC is definitely my go-to traditional delicacies shop from now on

Got the treasure trove set and was surprised with how pretty the packaging looks! Truly a treasure trove and would definitely recommend gifting to others!

Inside, there were 4 signature nyonya rice dumplings, 4 hokkien rice dumplings with salted egg yolk, 5 sweet bean ang ku kueh and 5 green tea ang ku kueh.

I tried all of them and I have to say this is one of the best rice dumplings and ang ku kueh i’ve eaten. Rice dumplings have huge chunks of meat, rice was soft despite it being in the fridge for a few days and it was pleasantly fragrant! Ang ku kueh was also a hit in terms of its flavours. I personally liked the green tea one because of how mellow the flavours were but the sweet bean was also exceptionally good.

Got their treasures trove gift set with 4 Hokkien Rice Bak Zhang with Salted Egg Yolk, 4 Nyonya Bak Zhang, 5 sweet bean Ang Ku Kueh and 5 Green Tea Ang Ku Kueh! The gift set is packed beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting.

The Hokkien Rice Bak Zhang is super flavourful with a very pronounced and rich mushroom taste and inside has got the most tender chuncks of meat.

My personal favourite is the Nyonya Bak Zhang! Each bite was filled with a satisfying amount of delicious meat 😋

The size of these Bak Zhangs is no joke one can easily fill one person.

The texture of the Ang Ku Kueh's skin is pleasantly chewy without sticking to your teeth, reminiscent of mochi. The fillings are not overly sweet, and the Green Tea Ang Ku Kueh was a delightful surprise! loved it! 🥰

Ordered Nyonya rice dumplings, Hokkien rice dumplings, sweet bean ang ku kuehs and green tea ang ku kuehs. Everything was spot on and so tasty, especially the Nyonya rice dumplings and sweet bean ang ku kuehs!

Quite surprised about how much I enjoyed the meal as I’ve never been a huge fan of rice dumplings; ones I’ve had previously usually had under-seasoned rice and dry meat but this one was perfect! Highly recommended 👍🏼

Beautifully packaged dumpling and ang ku kueh. Truly enjoyed the ang ku kueh, especially the green tea flavoured one! Was a interest and pleasant rendition of a traditional snack!

Beautifully packaged glutinous rice dumpling with traditional flavours. Good for special occasions and gifting