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Clearly we overordered but this is where we tried the most exotic type of meat like ostrich, rabbit and those unheard of. I didnt of course. Not that adventurous. Only settled for chicken meat.


Kueh Salat, a bed of chewy glutinous rice topped with a sweet coconut custard, is one of my all time favorite malaysian dessert. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Though the curry may not be the best but the Roti is crispy and fluffy inside!πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ Do not just order the usual Roti Telur (egg), try Roti Tampal for the super crispy Prata with a fried egg plastered on it. Watch the gooey egg yolk flow as you cut it open! 😍😍 Their Nasi Lemak is very popular too!
Must order: Roti Kosong (plain) and Roti Tampal (egg plastered on Roti)
πŸ’‘Visit early in the morning to avoid disappointment, they close the stall pretty early as soon as the food is sold out.
⚠️ Disturb warning: You may find some 🐈 roaming around at the stall.
πŸ“ Roti Canai TokBak, Jalan Tengku Aizzah, Bukit Chagar, Johor Bahru.

Just remembered we had this awesome nasi lemak last year under a cherry tree. This secluded and rustic looking hawker is my favorite meal out of the 14 places we hopped during our weekend trip to JB.
The rice is fluffy with distinctive coconut fragrance. The bomb is the fried chicken, it's very crispy and nicely seasoned and marinated. We ordered 2 plates to share among 5 of us, but I finished a plate by myself. Sorry guys πŸ˜…
The johor laksa (RM 5) is also good. It's like a assam laksa but milder. Mee rebus (RM 5) is also kinda different, being on the sweet side. Take note of the elusive opening hours: Friday to Sunday, 8am to 3pm or earlier.


'Twas an eventful long weekend and an amazing getaway from work (ok la today I worked like 75% of the day πŸ˜’). Super fun and we even did the fireworks thing - check out my ig story!