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From the Burpple community

Had the Treasure Trove gift set from Joo Chiat Kim Choo! There were 8 rice dumplings in total, with 4 Nyonya and 4 Hokkien, as well as 5 sweet bean and 5 green tea ang ku kueh.

The Nyonya rice dumplings were chock full of meat, and they served for a really filling meal. The Hokkien rice dumplings' fillings were wide in variety, with braised pork belly, mushrooms, and the salted egg yolk added an extra hint of flavour to it. The ang ku kueh were not too sweet as well, and the texture was just like mochi!

Would highly recommend their rice dumplings, and it's great for sharing, especially since each dumpling can definitely fill you up. I'm definitely trying out some of their other dumplings as well with my friends.

Got the Treasure Trove set for my parents to try and here are my thoughts:

Hokkien Dumpling with Eggyolk (my personal favourite): The rice was cooked flawlessly!! Perfect balance of tenderness and firmness. Just..YUMZ. The meat was also tender and succulent. Just a suggestion though, as someone who likes my sauces, I wish it came with some sort of chilli sauce to elevate the experience further.

Overall, recommended!! 😁

I tried the memory trove set with 8 dumplings and 1 kueh salat cake and trust me it was REALLY GOOD. For a traditional dumpling lover like me, I really really enjoyed the taste of the Nyonya rice dumpling as its ingredients were plentiful and the taste was really rich. The other dumplings were salted egg dumplings and personally I’m not a fan of salted egg, so can’t trust me on those reviews!
Anws, the kueh salat cake was my favourite out of everything, with its fragrant Pandan layer and sticky rice at the second layer! It was just the right amount of sweetness, and really hits the right spot for my sweet tooth.

First time trying food from this highly raved about Joo Chiat Kim Choo and I must say that they definitely did not disappoint. Their salted egg bazhang is definitely one of the best I tasted in Singapore. However, their pandan cake is the outstanding one, it was very fragrant and everyone in my family loved it. 10/10 would support again!

Tried 5 of their different Rice Dumplings.
1. Nyonya Rice Dumpling
Absolutely delectable!
Couldn't stop eating it!
Sweet, savoury & deliciously addictive!
10/10, would highly recommend!

2. Pulut Hitam Nonya Rice Dumpling
Loved this!
The sweetness of the Pulut Hitam perfectly compliments the savouriness of the Rice Dumpling!

3. Emporer Rice Dumpling
The Royalty of Rice Dumplings
It was so jam packed with so many different delicacies!
Chinese Sausage, Pork Belly, Egg, Braised Pork & more!

4. Hokkien Rice Dumpling w Salted Egg Yolk
A tasty rice dumpling with a Salted Egg Yolk inside.

5. Hakka Pork Belly w Preserved Vegetables
It was really stuffed filled with a generous amount of Pork Belly & Preserved Vegetables!
The pork belly was tender & juicy!