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Here we have:
✅Nasi Lemak With Chicken Wing ($5.90) + Selar Fish ($1.90)
Fragrant coconut rice, fried chicken wing, fried selar fish, fried egg, anchovies and peanuts and the most important component...sambal chilli sauce! My fried egg was still runny in the middle and the chicken wing was still crispy even though it was cold by the time it reached home. Simple, yummy dinner but the rice portion is quite little. I don’t have a big appetite but the portion was just right for me after the addition of the fish.

Freshly steamed upon order, you need to wait at least 5mins for it to be ready. Well marinated meat & the skin held well. ($4.80)


Spicy, fragrant curry, unfortunately, the chicken was bland and a tad overfried. ($5.90). I'd suggest going for the standard chicken curry set instead.


The sause of the black pepper rice is specially nice.. not too spicy, price is reasonable at $5.50

Mine is pretty typical- Toast box and Ya kun. sometimes Killiney/Fun toast.

Is it worse to eat #averagefood #normalfood that I have no feelings about or bad food that I have a lot of things to say 🤔

#foodcourt #okfood

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