The Better Scoop (Victory 8)

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Handcrafted ice cream made in small batches. Treat yourself & taste the freshness today!

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The taste of the tie guan yin was discernible, which was unexpected because many places have their tea flavoured ice cream (oolong usually) way too subtle. The truffle chocolate however, was a letdown as it tasted like cheap chocolate / cocoa powder. Texture of both ice creams were okay, it could have been slightly creamier but I’m glad it wasn’t flat and thin. Waffles were okay, it was crisp on the outside. It’s on the more airy side though, I prefer a fluffier waffle. Overall it’s quite average, not bad but also not great.

Crisp waffle, interesting ice cream flavours! We ordered the strawberry and the Chrysanthemum and goji berry ice cream. Flavours were good, love their selection of very unique flavours. Would be back!

Note that shop has moved to #01-08.

I travel out of the north quite a fair bit for food usually, but Just Because Creamery is one of the few ice-cream parlours I would most certainly visit if I do have the time to travel out of Woodlands, but just not beyond the realms of Yishun.

Had been visiting them since the days where they were just a hole-in-the-wall shop at Victory8, but the Honey Citron is something that I have skipped having since then considering I have other favourites such as their Black Sesame Soy Milk, Tie Guan Yin and Chrysanthemum with Goji Berry, just to name a few. For a Honey Citron lover like me who seemingly keeps a jar of the said marmalade in the fridge to standby when the craving hits, this was an utter joy to have — think a milk-based ice-cream that is smooth and creamy, yet churned together with honey citron marmalade for that light, zesty, sweetness that is fairly rich, yet surprisingly refreshing especially after a meal; comes full with the fibres of the citron flesh to chew on even. Yet another flavour to add on to the list that I would crave for whilst being here in the future — and almost every flavour here seemingly just hits the spot for me. And that experience has to end with their handmade waffle cones; made fresh in-house daily, these are crisp and lightly buttery, and goes well with any of their ice-cream flavours unlike the trendy herb-infused cones that are rather popular of the late.

Just Because Creamery is pretty much a hidden gem in the north — there are other more established ice-cream parlours around no doubt, but I have always enjoyed how innovative they are with their flavours, and how they are also able to churn out ice-creams that are consistently smooth and creamy, yet refreshing; a plus considering the various zichar establishments around it. No doubt it may be quite a trek for most to give it them a visit, but they are most certainly worthy of making the trip down for — especially given how they have a proper dine-in area ever since their move to another unit within Victory8 several months ago!


Have always been wanting to come ever since it was opened and I finally dropped by this cozy little shop with my family 💕

Tried Honey Chamolia Blue Pea Flower and Cold Brew with Cocoa Nibs. Was pretty impressed by how strong the flavours were. The waffles were soft and fluffy too. Happy that they included little bits of fruits as well :)

Will be back to try the other flavours!
So happy that there's finally a proper ice cream place near my house 😊

The acai berry banana sorbet cone satisfies my acai craving!
The honey citron was a rich balance of honey, citrus and creaminess.
Cone was light and crispy.
Ill be back for more!

𝘐𝘤𝘦 𝘊𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮, 𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘉𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦. 😋🍭🍦

Midweek calls for a dose of ice cream to get through the rest of the working week! 😝🍭🍭🍭 We chose @justbecausecreamery Baileys 🥃 and Cookies & Cream 🍪🥛 atop a super fluffehhh Waffle (Waffle at $6.00/pc), and while the ice cream wasn't mind blowingly creamy nor packed with a strong flavour punch, we thoroughly enjoyed how light and crispy the Waffles were! Also liked how they plated the items with just the right amount of drizzled honey and berries to add to that instagrammable feel, and add a dose of tangy flavours. 🍒🍯

In fact, we'd return just for the Waffles alone, and that says a lot cos I reallyyyy love my ice cream and Waffles! 😋❤️❤️❤️