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Stumbled across this stall via Food Panda App. Pleasantly surpised by the generous serving of thick Char siews and minced meat. The noodles are decently flavoursome too. The not-so-nice thing about the lunch was the empty fried wanton skins. We ordered the fried hand made minced fish cakes as a side and those were pretty delicious.

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Rather strong in flavor, suitable for people who love strong taste. The noodles are not chunky, and instead they’re rather Q and smooth.

Would recommend their nuggets, luncheon meat, chicken wings and short beans to go with the noodles

Was craving for fried rice when I walked past this Economic stall and saw their fried rice.

Didn’t have much expectations as it was $4 fried rice with meat as compared to the typical ZhiChar $6-$8 fried rice out there. It’s even good when it’s eaten on its own, without the meat. Regretted not adding fried rice.

To my surprise, it actually tastes better than most of the ZhiChar Fried Rice I’ve had so far and I’m very picky about fried rice as I normally dislike eating rice unless I’m craving for it.

Fried to a golden perfection and tossed in a sweet citrusy lemon sauce, Singfood Stall located in JW 504 F&B coffee shop has one of the best Lemon Chicken I have tasted. The Halal Thai Chinese Seafood stall serves up moist and super-duper crispy chicken that is made better with the sauce lending a refreshing tang to the dish.

Address: 504 Jurong West Street 51, Singapore 640504



The noodle was too soft for my liking, but thumbs up for the well-marinated pork ribs. They disintegrated easily in my mouth, even the joints. Could have added more mushrooms though.