12 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089265

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From the Burpple community

Before coming to this restaurant even for early morning brunch in the weekend, please make sure all of your guests already arrived. Because they only allow you in a nice everyone present. I see lots of people was waiting outside because of this.

For their matcha, I love the thick flavour of it but still hope it could get more warmer. It also comes with a small bite of biscuit.

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Supposed to come here early last year but cancelled because of the pandemic. Moving forward finally found the time to make my first visit here.

Have been seeing lots of their foods on social media and the visual always so pleasant to see.

Beside the pulled pork that used the fresh pork shoulder topped with house smoked BBQ sauce and poached barn egg; there’s also spice mix, curried avocado, corn salsa and potato hash.

I would say this is a interesting combination for breakfast meal like this.

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29 Jun’19, Sat⛅️
📍Kafe UTU
- Pulled Pork Breakfast🍖
- Cold Brew🍼
- Flat White☕️

Nice coffee eh~ Heavy bodied with a fruity finish...😋

Kafe UTU used espresso ice cubes so the cold brew won’t be diluted, how thoughtful they are right or not~ Quite idea leh~🧊

Pulled pork breakfast that comes with curried avocado, an acquired taste I would say, something different from the norm, those interested might want to give Kafe UTU a try!🥑

Damage: $37.50

Ricotta hotcake:
It may seem pricey, but the hotcake is actually quite huge and thick. I like the texture of the hotcake as it is not cakey like many other cafes. The vanilla bean ice cream is good, hotcake is good, but would be better if the hotcake is thinner as only the surface is sweet and it is quite bland on the inside and I finished the ice cream before I finished half the pancake -opps.

Mocha with peanut butter, roasted almonds and pink peppercorn on the rim. Taste more like hot chocolate than mocha to me as the taste of coffee is not prominent. But I like that it is not sweet. Not sure if the PB, peppercorn really do play a part in enhancing the taste of the mocha though I enjoyed eating them - separately.

Like the decor, music, vibe. Good place to chill, eat, hangout and take photos for the gram.

I had high hopes for this place after reading the raving reviews. Upon reaching, I was disappointed (but not surprise) tt I had to wait an hour for a table for 2. I hang around at a nearby cafe, determined to try out this place.

When i finally got the table, the decor and food matched my expectations. It’s a nice kafe, serving brunch items different from the typical 1001 brunch places out there.

Then why the negative review? because the wait staff is terrible. I’ve been to many popular brunch places. but this is the first one tt explicitly came to tell us to leave as ‘they have a long queue waiting’ TWICE. My friend wasn’t even done with her coffee. Prior to that, they kept asking us if we r done with our food so they can clear the plates (our plates were not empty). There was no mention of time limit when we were waiting for the table. and no mention tt they need to have the table back when we ordered the coffee. I had to leave after 1.5 hours in the so-called cafe.


“Dark mork chocolate mocha rimmed with natural peanut butter, toasted almond & crushed pink peppercorns”

How good does that sound?! The unique peppery and saltiness from the rim balanced out the sweetness of the mocha quite nicely. You also get a little spicy kick from the peppercorn - a perfect drink to warm you up.