40 Pasir Panjang Road
#02-36 Mapletree Business City
Singapore 117383


11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm




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Beef steak udon ($16) is one of the most unsatisfactory meals I've had ☹️. Beef was too chewy, udon is overcooked and udon soup is basically tasteless (prob utilized the water used to cook the udon). Should have went to Umi Sushi instead considering the price point.

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S$18 for generous serving. one of the better chirashi dons i have tried! would be back to try their other menus ❀️

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Food was great, with generous portion πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Hidden gem. Will be back to try out their other menus!

A pretty popular lunch spot in MBC, Kaisen Ichi serves up a decent selection of Donburi, Chazuke and Udon. And especially since I am currently working in the area, the bowls also perform well to satisfy my sudden craving for Japanese food.

With a slightly smaller portion to the no-frills donburi offered, their Dashi Chazuke comes with a pitcher of Green Tea Soup and runny onsen egg. To be eaten all together and have the rice steeping in the stock, I like having my Una Chazuke dry in the beginning and slowly adding in the tea bit by bit cause I like the salty-crunchy β€˜arare’, tiny rice cracker pellets or crumbled rice crackers along with the shredded nori.

A good rainy day comfort food. The light stock also serves to tie the elements together and the balanced blend would be great to have alone as well. At $12 each, there is nothing much to complain about.

Nice place to settle your bara chirashi crave! 1 bara chirashi + 1 hot green tea sets you back by ~$20. The marinade was quite light & slightly gingery in my opinion.

Chanced upon this hearty chicken ramen at ARC after Google Dev Seminar. I was looking for something easier on the stomach as I wasn't feeling well and thankfully there's a fairly decent ramen that's still opened past 9pm. Chicken broth was not overbearing in my case, however I do not really like the ramen noodles. Perhaps it was not my type of noodles that I would normally order, but it was still soft and manageable for my sick body 😷. At $10+ with GST only, it's probably a good deal given it's placement in ARC.


Chanced upon this place after crashing a Google Android Talk with @yukithesnowman and @jerrineswh love the big chunks of fish and light marinate. Filled me up and more than satisfied my craving for raw fish.

Actually not much blue mood anymore. Holiday mood soon! πŸ˜… really fell in love with rice bowls here. Unagi with greentea soup stock and gooey egg ($12+). #Charashi Don ($16+). #confortfood #sgfood #burpple #burpplecheapngood #igsg

πŸ˜‚πŸ’• At different regions around Singapore, people spend a vastly different amount for their daily lunch at work. Now I know I'm blessed to have $2 mixed veg rice (one meat + one veg, huge quantities) near my workplace at TPY. It also tastes better than most mixed veg stalls because the turnover is super quick!

How much do you normally spend for lunch at work?

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The marinade played it more teriyaki than Teppei, while elsewhere the cubes were generously plus-sized without requiring your mouth to work too hard. 3.9/5

The steak possessed a roasty, pink tenderness and revealed its innermost vulnerabilities with honesty and nakedness, while elsewhere the onsen egg was explosively relieved to have a visitor. 3.8/5
β €
Selected bowls are 50% off this week. Better go and get your armour.


From Kaisen Ichi, which is situated two doors away from Paik's Coffee/Bibim at Mapletree Business City serving Japanese rice bowls for both lunch and dinner. At $18+, this comes with a good amount of assorted fish which comes lightly marinated; definitely not as heavy as the Sushiro/Teppei/DSTLLRY Chirashi, but this helps for one could savour on the freshness and quality of the fish used in the bowl here (alternatively, there is also a choice here where you can tell the staff how much sauce you want if it is too mild for your fancy). Served also with Ikura which adds that popping umami sensation all above sushi rice. Shop space is a tad claustrophobic; seating are a little squashed while the queue for ordering clogs up most of the aisle to the seats. Be prepared for a little squeeze but it's just a little sacrifice to pay for food of this quality and price at Pasir Panjang/Labrador Park perhaps?

From Kaisen Ichi, which is two shops away from Paik's Coffee/Bibim at Mapletree Business City which serves Japanese bowls for both lunch and dinner. Got this at $8+ for they are running a opening promotion with two selected rice bowls going for 50% off daily till the end of this week for both lunch and dinner hours. Quite impressed with how this bowl went with very tender slices of beef with a pinkish centre, all with a sous vide egg which is absolutely flowy, ume-pickles for that sour-ish crunch, subtly sweet caramalised onions and fried shallots. The rice comes with a Dashi broth which adds a savoury flavour to the rice, making the bowl pretty easy to down.


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