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[CLOSED] Kaiserhaus

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Kaiserhaus offers authentic culinary delights unfolding the best from the former Habsburg Empire which at the end of the 19th century extended over Austria, Hungary, Northern Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and parts of Poland, Serbia, Romania and the Ukraine. Indulge in the rich multi-cultural heritage and flavours of this melting pot which framed the cosmopolitan Empire through an exquisite dining menu fit for an Emperor, delightful handmade pastries and cakes, craft beer, unique boutique wines from Central Europe and more.


From the Burpple community

The most 'European' style meal I have had outside of Europe. #Throwback to our insane spread. Think Viennese schnitzel; pesto prawns linguine; Viennese crispy chicken; bohemian pork roast that had a crispy skin but slightly dry meat (pity); sweet-savoury spinach spaetzle (spinach egg pasta).
Of these, the spinach spaetzle (means 'sparrow' in German - so apt) stood out, just because it's my first time having those little buttons of egg noodles that resembles compact-shaped sparrows. Slightly chewy with a doughy bite. Now if only it was less sweet and more savoury. Service here is superb - they attempted service recovery for one of the dishes here which turned out less than ideal. Just this alone made up for that one dish.
Perhaps not for everyone's palate, but if you want a taste of Austria/Hungarian, this is the place to go. Prices range from $15++ to $30++ for mains. Be sure to must get the signature Kaiserschmarnn - Emperor's dessert (see 12 Jan post).

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Found back that little taste of Europe here tonight. Kaiserschmarrn, or, Emperor's Pancakes ($15). Slightly poofy little pieces served cut, sprinkled with generous cinnamon sugar.
The texture is just that bit of fluffy but still light enough; a little crisp on that outside and buttery fragrance that permeates. The signature here - little wonder. Reminiscent of French toast but eggier.


We ordered the Gourmet Beef set and it turned out to be sufficient for two people. The set came with the central beef soup along with bacon wrapped bread sticks, cheese and liver dumplings, horseradish dip, rye bread with butter, potato rosti, a dessert and a glass of wine. 
The bread sticks and dumplings set the mood, I personally loved the cheese dumpling more. The soup was delicious, strong and yet not overpowering, delicately balanced with a modest amount of succulent meat inside. The rosti was surprisingly yummy and we cleaned it up more than anything else. The last item, pancake with rum n raisins served with plum sauce, was another item to remember. The pancake was soft and savory and the plum sauce was lovely too. Overall, we spent $64 (with an extra beverage) and two people came out satisfied from the core!

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Contemplating on what to have at 2pm and we stumbled upon Kaiserhaus; the Burpple decal at the entrance was the main motivating factor to step in for an impromptu high tea session.
Thankfully we were once again delighted with a quality spread of French pastries. The Kipferl and Nussschnecke are definite worth a takeaway/ coming back for, flaky on the outside, appropriately dense inside.
I liked the decadent rye sandwiches that were deceptively small but filling along with the other items. All in all a good place when you can afford to pamper yourself with a indulgent afternoon break. (i.e. My precious Saturday but what internship is ending in a week and school is starting in 2?!) Total set for 2 came up to be $42 after taxes and service charge as we finish sipping our coffee/tea.


We had Kaiserhaus Seafood Pot ($44) and Bohemian Meat Dumplings ($27). Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted by a large group having a private event at the balcony, and as we followed our waiter to the table, we saw the pastry refrigerator filled with delicious cakes! The smell of Eastern European food then became stronger - the smell of veal and beef, and all that spices! Unfortunately, I do not take these meat, but I believe they would be fantastic. The seafood pot was filled with large prawns, some mussels, two chunks of sea bass and two large scallops, the broth was flavourful, but for $44, it could be a little too pricy for one pax. The meat dumplings came with an al-dente skin; the Gabelkraut (sour vegetables) and sauce gave extra sparkles to the dumplings. We are determined to come back for tea next time to try their desserts and enjoy Eastern European coffee/tea!


Awesome dining experience in the classy restaurant. Delicious craft beer from Hirter on draft. Had the seafood stew which was a wonderful mix of various seafood. The gourmet beef stew is one of Austria national dishes and also a monarch favourite meals so you can literally dine like a king. Check out

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