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From the Burpple community

Kaiyo Sushi & Grill is a brand spanking new Japanese’s restaurant a couple of doors (not three) down from Two Baker’s newest outlet, and the menu is pretty extensive with a bias towards grilled items, mainly due to them having a charcoal grill in the semi-open kitchen.

Kaiyo has charcoal grilled foie gras on the menu, much like my beloved and sadly long gone JINzakaya, so it was pretty much a must order. However, the tricky part is deciding whether to order foie gras with a slab of grilled unagi ($23++), or with beef mille feuille ($29++). After some debate and a glass of sake, I went with the foie gras teriyaki & unagi.

I couldn’t have been any happier with my choice. While the unagi doesn’t have a crispy crust like the new, hip unagi specialists in town do, the substantial slab of eel was considerably plumper & thicker than the aforementioned unagi restaurants. Plus, it had an alluring aroma of charcoal emanating from within with every bite, and the teriyaki marinade slathered over the unagi was perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Not too sweet, not too salty and perfectly umami, the umami unagi will make you say “ooh mommy”.

As for the foie gras, I was pleased as punch with it. Sure, there should’ve been a nice crust like my old flame had at JINzakaya, but it was cooked just right, with the insides treading the fine line between liquid & solid. The fatty liver quite literally melts in your mouth. Also just look at the size of it, the absolute unit!

Just to balance out the gluttonous gratification you’re getting from the foie gras and unagi, there’s a whole heap of salad on the side. It’s just salad, there’s not much to be said about it other than that it’s fresh. Of more noteworthy mention are the slices of deep fried lotus root. While they aren’t as crunchy as they could be, it still provides a very welcome crunch and shakes up the texture profile of the dish by being the only thing with bite in a dish full of soft, supple textures.

For $23++, Kaiyo is offering up a stellar steal of a deal. And considering the volume of diners traipsing through their doors, the people know it too. There is so much more on the menu that needs exploring & reviewing, but if the rest of the menu is of the same standard as the foie gras teriyaki & unagi, then it sounds like a pleasurable prospect. I’ll be back like Schwarzenegger.


From Kaiyo Sushi & Grill, a newly-opened Japanese establishment along Teck Chye Terrace along the same row of shophouses as Two Bakers' newest outlet in Serangoon.

Offering a wide variety of menu items ranging from sushi/sashimi to grilled items and set menus, the items are largely pretty enjoyable just like this Kaiyo Chirashi — an assortment of raw fish slices on a bed of rice served with salad, Chawanmushi and Miso Soup. While most Chirashi Don only places their emphasis on the freshness of the raw slices of fish, this one goes further to even place some effort on the rice for a more well-rounded experience. Really enjoyed how fresh the assortment of fish was; all of which sliced in pretty chunky portions to allow for some bite while the Tamago was well-layered and provided a hint of sweetness. Coming with pickled ginger and Wasabi on the side, the pickled ginger helps to refresh the tastebuds with a zingy crunch while the Wasabi provided quite a kick to tickle the taste buds with its numbing sensation. The short-grained, pearly Japanese Rice was nothing short of being memorable here too; coming with a tinge of slight sweetness, it comes with traces of pickled mushrooms for a slight earthiness that helps to balance things out quite a fair bit. Even the Chawanmushi is out to impress here; the infusion of Yuzu is pretti evident here — whilst being relatively smooth, the Chawanmushi comes with an abundance of goodies such as mushrooms, shrimp and a huge chunk of meat as well. Considering how this bowl costs $21.90++, it is pretty value-for-money considering the level of execution here — pretty much a showcase of the chef's skill and passion to create the very best for the patrons — a gem within the neighbourhood that we would look forward to visiting again!