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Nagoya style dry ramen shop "歌志軒 (Kajiken)". Hailing from Nagoya prefecture, Japan. We offer variety of delicious dry ramen - "Mazesoba" in Singapore.

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#01-03 Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867

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11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

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Hokkaido Mazesoba ($18.30) comes with salmon flakes, salmon roe, egg, bamboo shoots, spring onions and butter. Surprisingly, the butter isn’t overpowering and all the ingredients worked quite well together.

Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style ($14.80) features a hearty bowl of dry ramen topped with minced meat, spring onion and a runny egg. The minced meat is savoury and mildly spicy, and a dash of vinegar adds some acidity to balance out the strong flavours. The noodles are firm and springy. As this is quite saucy, you can opt for a scoop of rice to finish up the delicious sauce at the end.

Been some time since I last had kajiken, and it is still good! The thick, chewy noodles were piping hot and cooked till al dente, had a nice bite to it as it’s thicker than meekia / ramen. The sauce at the bottom is more than enough - it’s a savoury sauce that is flavourful but not too greasy or salty. The onsen egg came with a runny yolk, and the charsiew was lean but tender, nicely marinated! I wish there were more scallions tho. Did not like the bamboo shoots here - there was this slight 臭味. Comes with a bowl of soup that tasted like a chicken stock, not super tasty but not rly bland either.

They serve free flow cold roasted tea too!! I don’t usually drink beverages other than water but I always like this - it’s sugar-free and has a nice roasty taste.

Between this and the Taiwan mazesoba Nagoya style, I preferred this as it wasn’t as zhongkouwei. Portion size is good for me, was filled but not stuffed!

Among the better ones around. Thin skin, perfectly crisp, filled with savory meat and fresh chives.

Kajiken was the first to introduce mazesoba (dry ramen) in 2016. 6 years later with 4 outlets across the island and it’s still a delicious, comforting, and hearty bowl. Dry QQ ramen noodles are mixed with spicy-savory minced pork, onsen egg, seaweed, and a generous dousing of fresh chives. Enjoyed the interplay of different flavours and textures, with salty umami from the seaweed and creaminess from the egg. They offer chilli oil and vinegar on the side, and enjoyed the dousing of vinegar for a refreshing sour tang to cut through some richness. It’s accompanied by a warm ginger chicken soup (would have appreciated more of this), and free flow barley tea.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Came here with my friend as she wanted me to try their Mazesoba which she highly recommends.

I followed her recommendation and the both of us ordered the Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style. All of their Mazesoba comes with a cup of paitan soup and free noodle upsize.

The Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style consist of ramen topped with minced meat, shredded nori (seaweed), lots of spring onion and a half boiled egg. Ramen was well cooked and did not stick together. Minced meat was juicy, flavourful and slightly spicy. How you eat this Mazesoba is that you mix the noodles and ingredients all together. You can also add a spoonful of vinegar and chilli oil for more kick. What you get is a creamy bowl of ramen goodness.

There's also a cup of paitan soup. It's a thick, cloudy soup that similar to pork broth. My friend says it's like a palate cleanser for you to drink. The soup honestly tasted like an under seasoned chicken broth but the more you drink, the more the flavours get to you.

Also after you've finished your noodles and have some ingredients left over, you can request for free rice. Super worth it for those who have a huge appetite. There's also free flow of cold roasted tea which the servers top-up quite often.