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From the Burpple community

Wasn’t as bad as I expected. I love their fried Maggie noodle but the downside is that they do not have a lot of variety of ingredients for you to have with your noodles. 5.5/10

My Friend recommended me this place.
Now it is one of my favourite mee!
Usually, there will be a queue. But the wait is usually short. Less than 15 min.
The mee pok is QQ and delicious.
The Ngoh Heong is savoury and the fish cake is simply chunky and yummy.
Usually, there is one fried wanton. But it is out of stock today. So they replaced with fishball instead.
Get the $3.50 大肥餐 will do. The mee for $4 大肥餐 is a bit too much... unless you are a big(ger than average) eater.

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PRICE: only $2!

WAITING TIME: 2 persons in the queue before me on a weekday 9.30am. About 5 minutes.

- A little bland for my taste
- Really generous serving
- Best to add gravy/curry on the noodles

Ah Ngoi Wanton Noodle sell only $2.50. Definitely a wonderful breakfast choice here.

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Back to Kallang Estate Market for Breakfast. Decided to try this Wanton Noodle stall. Springy noodle with balance filling wontons. . Love it's chilli and their soft, flavory braised chicken feet. @$3.50, EatsAwesome!


Queue!!! That must be the stall. Only one that's has queue. Was told to try out this stall @ kallang estate food center. Ordered a $3.50 bowl of Fishball Mee Pok dry. Hmmm ... Guess I must have place my expectation to high or I should have ordered Mushroom Bak Chor Mee instead. One thing for sure they do have nice tender fish balls. Will try their Mushroom Bak Chor Mee next week.