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Kam's Roast (Pacific Plaza)

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Kam's Roast Goose; Hong Kong's one star Michelin for 3 consecutive years is now in Singapore! Feast on Kam's family 3 generation family legacy of 大三元 which includes Torro Char Siu, Crispy Roast Pig as well as Roasted Duck.

9 Scotts Road
#01-04/05/06/07 Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210

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11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

@kamsroast_sg must have a thing for the number 17, because this ‘toro bbq pork combo soya chicken rice’ was also, you guessed it, $17. There’s a whole lot of plain white rice supplied with each serving, and it can easily last you two meals. It’s probably an attempt to pad the dish and try to make it worth the costly price of entry. It doesn’t quite work that way however.⠀

Still, the toro char siew was satisfactorily fatty & juicy. Plus it had a copacetic char on the crust, and the sapid spices had thoroughly permeated the redolent roast meat. I quite appreciated the thickness of the cut of char siew, as it was thick enough to give a superbly satisfying chew while not requiring too much work to masticate.⠀

The soya sauce chicken was passably moist & amply ambrosial with a nice, smooth skin. I’ve never understood the appeal of putting on the oil, grated ginger & spring onion mix on chicken until I did it to myself. The aromatics were absolutely appealing, and the fragrant oil lent its hand to lubricating & enhancing the taste of the soya sauce chicken. Plus, the little bit of heat from the ginger & the burst of freshness from the spring onions was sublime.⠀

I certainly enjoyed the soya sauce chicken & char siew rice, but my wallet sure as hell didn’t. Oh well, at least I tried it out for myself.

The meat is marinated with Kam’s Roast time-honoured secret recipe.
Duck was a little on fattier side which made it even juicier, meatier and tender. Without any sauce, the duck leave a sweet aftertaste.
Eat it with their plum sauce, trust me it will enhance the whole experience of duck.

@kamsroast_sg is a Hong Kong style roast meats restaurant, and since they deliver, it would be remiss if I didn’t get my hankering for hearty roast meats settled by them. It’s quite expensive, and this ‘roast duck combo crispy pork noodles’ is certainly that as it costs an eyewatering $17.⠀

It was undeniably unctuous, with the succulent roast duck being thoroughly infused with all the spices while roasting. It was a random part of the duck, but it was still moist and acceptably chewy. The beautifully browned skin had all the fat competently rendered out, and it was a fabulous fowl experience.⠀

The roast pork was stunningly savory and beautifully seasoned. The only thing was that the rind wasn’t as crisp as I was hoping for, but a fast five minute visit to the oven was enough to crisp up the skin. Protip: prop the sio bak rind side up, without any contact with the tray. Otherwise it’s just gonna bake in its rendered fat and it’s not gonna get crunchy.⠀

The noodles were simply seasoned, yet quite attractive in a very homely way. A splash of sesame oil elevates the noodles a step above, so mix that in before you devour this dish. The chili on the side was surprisingly spicy and slightly overly spicy, and it made for a feisty feast.⠀

Kam’s Roast produces decently delicious meats, but it’s a herculean task to justify the prices. It’s good for a tryout, but unless you’ve got pockets deeper than my depression, you’re going to be burning money like Heath Ledger’s Joker.

HK iced milk tea with pearls and collagen plus pearl of the orient. #tingzieeats #burpple

Believe it or not, this was the first time I had @kamsroast_sg’s food. So thank you, Jo and @brandcellar for making it happen. To top it off, my family and I got to pair the food with authentic Hong Kong-style Milk Teas by @kamkeecafe, made possible by Kam’s Roast X @joy_luck_teahouse collaboration to launch the brand in Singapore. The “Pearl of The Orient”, a #milktea with brown sugar pearls, and the other milk tea with premium marine collagen were indisputably fragrant but I found them a tad sweet and gave my feedback to Jo when she asked.

I know many people enjoy the “Roasted Duck” from Kam’s Roast but I was more taken by their “Soy Chicken” and “Lap Cheong” (Preserved Sausages).

The former was very succulent and moist, and tasty right down to the bone. I even ate the skin, something I never do unless the chicken is fried, because the jelly-like texture of the “Soy Chicken” was appealingly springy.

As for the latter, there were two types, a Pork and a Goose Liver. Both were superb. I could have them alone with steaming hot rice and some blanched greens.

The portion of “Siew Yoke” (Roasted Pork Belly) I received that day was on the lean side. Not sure if it’s the restaurant‘s usual style but it’s ideal for those who want to indulge but fear the sin.

Sweeter than average in my opinion, the “Char Siew” came cut in chunks for a bigger chew.

For the accompanying carbs, we had egg noodles tossed in a light sauce as well as plain rice. I’m glad a serving of “Poached Hong Kong Kai Lan” was also included.

The “Marinated Cucumber in Vinegar and Garlic” was a piquant, crunchy little number that went down very well with us too.

When you order now from the link in their bio, you get to enjoy 20% off certain dishes. @kamsroast_sg provides islandwide delivery priced between $5 and $8.

Made possible by the collaboration between Joy Luck Teahouse and Kam’s Roast, the Pearl of the Orient and milk tea will be mainstays in the beverage menu, and you can order them together with your favourite roasts. The Pearl of the Orient bubble milk tea is priced at $4.80 and you can top up a dollar to add premium Korea-imported marine collagen into the drink for that additional skincare booster. The regular milk tea, without the brown sugar tapioca pearls, is priced at $3.80 and each of the beverage has to be ordered with a Kam’s Roast main dish for this period. Available now via takeaway or delivery.

Stay tuned for more updates from Joy Luck Teahouse as they are scheduled to open in the third quarter of this year with bakes such as egg tarts and pineapple buns from Hoover Cake Shop and Kam Kee Cafe respectively, together with a lineup of beverages. The milk tea truly left a lasting impression as it has a sweet and floral fragrance with a deep aroma that lingers from each sip. Made from a secret recipe of a special blend of three premium Sri Lankan black tea leaves, it is brewed and mixed with European milk to create a perfect cup of Hong Kong style milk tea.
📍Kam’s Roast x Joy Luck Teahouse