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From the Burpple community

One shop at the Don Don Donki dining area. I was so amazed by the chewiness of the noodles! Sauce is devilishly spicy but so savoury and tangy at the same time! Just talking about it got me salivating yum yum. (Portion a bit too huge but aint complaining)

Got the spiciest level because love me a fiery kick🔥. My friend died but it was just right for me, so proceed with caution!

There seemed to be a lot going on initially (62😶 ingredients were used). But it was as if every component was needed👌🏼:
- slightly chewy thick noodles
- fresh spring onions for their sharpness
- peppery minced beef & pork
- chives & seaweed for that slight crunch
- runny yolk so the sauce clings on to the noodles better
- and that beautiful ajitama egg

Everything came together wonderfully☺️.

Rice can be added to leftover sauce, if you still have stomach after this giant bowl that is.
I’d suggest pouring vinegar in halfway through; it will help bring down the overall richness.

Choice of inari, don't choose shrimp as it's fishy. The sauce is chili-crab inspired

Don't get the charsiu, it's hard

Ajitsuke tamago pretty on point

Mazesoba was not bad, I liked the inaniwa udon but there could have been more meat. The bowl is pretty deep so there's q a bit of noodles, and the topping is only so much so when you mix it up it becomes a slimy carb dish which tastes okay instead of a balanced meal. Heard complaints of spice level and pepperiness of spicy mazesoba, probably better to stick w the original. Not sure if it's a communication mistake as our meat sauce already came with chili flakes inside, and others complained of level 1 spiciness tasting like level 10 lol.

The soup was q clean and I particularly loved the pickled ginger. It was very sweet and not strong tasting at all, much try for those who don't usually like pickled ginger.

available for walk-in, foodpanda & islandwide delivery. they are actually the only stall opened in clarke quay donki food court right now, i was surprised as the whole food court was pretty dark. bet they are as surprised to see a physical customer 😂 maze soba still as good! first time trying their inari sushi, i must say i am quite impressed, i don’t usually enjoy inari sushi for the unusual taste but this one has a pleasant taste to it.

Freaking good Mazesoba! I ordered the lunch set @$12 which comes with 2 meat sushi and a bowl of miso soup. The soba is the highlight! The soba is springy and mix well with the ingredients creating Creamy and flavourful taste. Halfway through you can add a bit of vinegar as per instruction at the counter to change the flavour.

P.S.: the meat sushi is pretty bad as the rice is hard, probably would order just the soba next time

Verdict: 4/5

It was my first ever mazesoba and I enjoyed it! Rich and creamy flavours yet peppery at the same time. Recommended!