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From the Burpple community

Good lunch set deal! Set includes 1 bowl of Original Maze Soba(beef/pork/both), 2 pcs Sushi(beef/pork) & 1 bowl of Soup. Additional $0.50 for spicy version of maze soba.

I personally prefer the original version as the taste of meat sauce is stronger. Lunch set sushi comes with 1 mentaiko & 1 cream cheese, all are equally nice.

Very friendly staffs who patiently explained to me the items on menu and directions to enjoy the maze soba fully.

I just want to add on, please try the soup since it comes with the set, it’s good too! Not just any free soup.
Highlights: original maze soba

With Don Don Donki's opening at the basement of Clarke Quay Central, the hype seems to be very much on the Tendon Kohaku X Man Man Unagi collaboration β€” let's not forget about the food court area that is dedicated within the department store itself, just like its City Square Mall and Orchard Central outlets.

Only serving two items (the other being a dessert), Kanda Soba serves up Maze Soba; essentially dry ramen with a number of toppings. Served with Minced Meat, spring onions, seaweed, raw yolk and some seasoning, we were also advised to give it a douse of vinegar that was provided at the side when we finished half the bowl as-is. Mixing everything up, we felt that the condiments are largely overwhelmed by the dominant peppery notes of the seasoning; otherwise, the bowl carries quite a bit of texture from the various elements that provide a crunch and a meaty bite β€” the noodles also carrying some chewiness. Whilst we are not being too fond of the sauce beneath, those who wish to mop up all that sauce can add some of the fluffy short-grain rice provided on the side β€” absorbs all of that sauce pretty well.