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Looks pretty much as pictured. Broth was flavorful but a little diluted. Chashu slices were a disappointment from its thin and dry state.

Level 3 spiciness was manageable. Fluffy cloud of egg with ramen was interesting. All else was ordinary.

Meh bowl of ramen. Soup has vinegar in it, which puts a totally different spin on the broth. While it does cut through the fat and make the soup less heavy, my ramen craving is still not satisfied. Comes with a little dish of ebi la-yu to add for spice.

A new dining concept has been introduced by Ajisen with one of the outlet here in 111 Somerset.

Kara-men is a very hot ramen dish born in the Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. With fluffy eggs wrapping up the spiciness of its hot soup. Once you finish your ramen, you can mix in a spoonful of rice provided to finish the rest of the broth.

As for the broth itself, you get to choose 3 types of spicy level you prefer. I went for level 2 which can taste the spicy but it won’t make me sweat. You will find the broth full with the fluffy egg and minced meat. $12.90++

To complete your meal, add $5 to get 5 pieces of gyoza and ice lemon tea.

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