[CLOSED] Karafuru Desserts

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * KARAFURU is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand and desserts cafe that highlights the little things in life that make it sweet.

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I was combing my Favourites folder in my phone and I came across this picture from the pre-Kumoya days, when it was known as Karafuru. Their eclairs* were much longer then, and they embodied a wisp of sweetness, which is common among Japanese desserts. 🌬

Not complaining though. I'm glad that they've adjusted towards a new direction cuisine-wise, and under a new name, Kumoya Desserts. This has undoubtedly made them more inclusive of Muslim patrons…or some might dub them the 'halal warriors' hahaha.

Anyway, I wonder what Kumoya is up to these days. Perhaps it may be time for another visit?! 🤔

*Flavours (left to right): Hazelnut, Matcha, Yuzu


Fiizzzzyyyy business~~ @karafuru_desserts Is really one of the best places for dessert cause of their cool collaborations with different businesses. This time they paired up with Etude House, so you get 20% off one of their makeup sets. Plus it's so girly. My favourite!

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This Daizu parfait consist of a yogurt soft serve, creamy soymilk pudding, chewy black sesame dango, sweet dark grey crumbly sables/cookies and a white miso soufflé (or kinda more like savoury pound cake), all sitting on a bed of kuromitsu which is probably the Japanese version of brown sugar syrup. The combination sounds pretty deadly for a diabetic but the pudding and cake are quite plain to offset the saccharine from the syrup and sables. The crispy rice stalks were a delightful crunchy treat, and the kinako sauce in the little side jar for drizzle really helped dealing with the sour soft serve. A beautiful "zen garden" dessert with complex textures - will we ever get to taste them again?


I have a thing for eclairs not so much because I like to eat them but because they are so pretty to look at that I simply can't resist. The ones from #karafuru are Japanese inspired- ume shiso ( their signature made from plum liquer), passion fruit jasmine matcha, Marc de champagne, Black Forest, Sakura rose.

Third time attempting their yogurt parfait and I will gladly stick to matcha.
Everything with matcha is good, except for the little matcha cookie which tasted slightly off and I wondered why.

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Yuzu parfait - explosion of flavors, and light to taste. Loved the pudding but the yuzu taste could have came out stronger