More Reviews at Karu's Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant

More Reviews of good food at Karu's Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant

Note this spot down for when you are around Bukit Timah. A crowd favourite is the fragrant and juicy Chicken 65 ($6.50) โ€” think popcorn chicken infused with fried curry leaves. For mains, their flavourful Chicken Masala ($5.70) pairs amazingly well with garlic naan and pappadums. Otherwise, share the creamy and tangy Curry Fish Head ($13.80) that is good for fourโ€” order some briyani rice to go with it!
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This chicken masala dish ($5.70) was such a treat with its savoury umami masala gravy. Ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and other ingredients all blend so well to create a wonderful flavour that paired equally well with biryani rice, white rice or the pappadums.

The first time I ate here was way back in 2004.

Location just next to King Albert Park mrt station.

Food standard is just as good as always.


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Always been satisfied with Karuโ€™s fish head curry when Iโ€™ve had the pleasure of trying it and today was the first time I actually dined in. I think they used a red snapper head and the meat was soft, tender and perfectly cooked. I could do with a bit more of a punch from the curry, but itโ€™s good enough for the price you pay!


Trust me, regardless of what you order here, chicken 65 can fit right in perfectly:

Fish head curry? Add Chicken 65...
Chicken Briyani? Add Chicken 65...
Teh Halia only? ADD CHICKEN 65!!!

Itโ€™s the perfect popcorn chicken that KFC never thought about. Love the fried curry leaves that gives it that extra fragrance... you canโ€™t go wrong with Chicken 65!


Every Tuesday, this shop is having 50% off fish head curry must go eat okay!!! $13.80 just for this big whole head fish. So much juicy meat and curry is on point. Papadam with curry sauce is like cookie and milk. Garlic nan was nice too. Prawn, abit overcook plus abit expensive 2 prawn for $14. More ex than fish head. ๐Ÿ˜… I still love this place. Always eat paper tosai here with mango lasi or milk tea. #shiok #dontsaybojio #foodkinggood #fishheadcurry #sgfood #burpple #igsg


This joint used to be at Bukit Panjang but has since relocated to the 5th floor of Sime Darby Centre (ToTT store). It's air conditioned now!

Food is served on banana leaves, very traditional. So much feels. Rice is free flow. They serve prata and other Indian food as well. Unfortunately they close early, at 10pm, making them supper unfriendly :(


Fish head deluxe, small size @ $23.80. More than enough for two, just nice for 3 pax. The curry taste is a combination of salty and sourish. Not spicy. The ingredients are really fresh, fleshy and generous. Vegetables included are tomatoes, brinjals, lady fingers and spring onion.


now at level 5 of sime darby centre, the less prominent space does not mean it lost any of its crowd or die-hard fans. judgin by this orange fierce pot of curry (small, $23.50), free-flow briyani rice, free-flow veg stews and papadam, not hard to know why it is so popular. other fans favourite on the table are: chicken masala, chicken liver and sotong (small, $5.40 each). did i mention free-flow papadam? free-floooowwwww la dey, free-flow!!!

A firm favourite among Bukit Panjang and Bukit Timah families, Karu's has been that dependable spot for banana leaf cravings for years. Having moved recently from its spot in Upper Bukit Timah to its new digs in Sime Darby Centre (above ToTT, across from King Albert Park), fans will be glad to know that the food has not changed one bit. When you sit down, you will have a banana leaf laid out in front of you, and an option of white or biryani rice. We much prefer their light and fragrant biryani rice over their white. They will also ask if you'd like fish or chicken curry gravy โ€” we recommend getting both. To order your dishes, go to the window to point and pick. Don't miss the popular Chicken Masala that every table orders, and their Mutton Mysore for those who love a good spicy hit. The Curry Sotong is also a crowd favourite, and consider their satisfying Fish Head Curry (get a small for 3-4 pax) to share, it's affordable and one of the better ones around. Pro tip: If you're coming by for takeaway, remember that their rice portions are epic, so order two packs for five people โ€” it's more than enough.
Avg Price: $10 per person
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because the weather calls for it. fish head curry is without saying here at karu's but their side dish of masala chicken and curry sotong are also a must-order. briyani rice, accompanying free flow two soft veg and the shiokest of all, free flow papadum!


Free flow of white rice and briyani rice and papadum. The place to go for yummy curry fish head. And its other dishes are as good. I always get some fish cutlets and fired chicken.


where some panjang boys would rant and punctuate with profanities over beer, papadum and chow down some serious indian curry fish head with free flow of rice and veg. huurraa

Believe it or not, I think it's the first time I stepped foot in an Indian restaurant. Surprisingly yummy!! Bao very happy with his giant prawn n fish head #glutton #food #fishheadcurry


๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹ oooh and their famous curry fish head is half price on tuesdays! -
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Itโ€™s not as lemak as what you might expect but it offers a more distinct taste of tomatoes.

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The curry fish head is so big and meat so succulent. I ordered the small one ($23.50) but it is enough to feed 4! A taste of the curry and you know it used the best spices, best matched with their Teh Halia! The best i have tasted so far, both the curry and teh! ๐Ÿ˜‹ You know it's good when the crowd keeps streaming in though it's past dinner time! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
As you sit down, instead of plates, banana leaves will be laid on your table and you get to choose biryani or white rice. It's free flow rice, papadum and sides! |
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Masala chicken, bagedil, chili fish & mutton! #Indian #curry #masalachicken #mutton #bryani #papadum #chilifish #bananaleaf #karus #shiok #burpple #sgfood