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From the Burpple community

It’s a well known fact that when meat-lovers visit New York, a trek to “Katz’s Delicatessan” to worship at the temple of pastrami is mandatory. So there was where I ventured this morning.
Once I entered their hallowed hall, I could feel the air crackling with electricity - likely from my own manic level of anticipation. A little blue ticket was handed to me by a really big dude and I was told where to head to place my order, which is basically the long stretch of counters they have running down the right side of the space. All in all, getting hold of my sandwich was a pretty smooth process. Thank goodness because the customers never stopped streaming in.
From the first to the last bite of my sandwich, I was lost in ecstasy. There’s not been a pastrami remotely close to the stratospheric level of moistness, flavour and softness of the one at Katz. To top it off, it proved surprisingly less salty as well. I liked that they throw on complimentary pickles and lightly pickled cucumbers with every order of sandwich too.


Katz’s deli definitely met and exceeded expectations!! They have a huge array of Jewish food and sandwiches, which were not cheap (and very difficult to decide which to choose), but very worth it. The amount of pastrami given for each sandwich was stacked high and literally overflowing, and so so tender.

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Katz's Pastrami Sandwich.
Since its founding in 1888, it has been popular and considered an iconic NYC food institution.
The pastrami is hand-carved behind the counter, and the staff offered me a bite.... And I went WOW, SO GOOD.

Hot and comforting, incredibly tender, melt in your mouth. #DFDNYC

The bad thing abt traveling alone is you have no one to share food with. But good thing for half & half. Got a half pastrami sandwich and a matzo ball soup. Seriously the best pastrami ever!! It's so tender & flavourful that you can't believe it's cured meat. Although the rye bread is not great and a little dry, but the star is the pastrami. Love the matzo ball soup too. It really warms you up on a 1 degree day. There is something abt this italian dumpling that makes me want to keep eating it! The cucumbers & pickles make a very nice side to replenish your palate!

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A classic New York pit stop favorite! Since 1888, Katz's has been serving up deli treats, and if you get to taste this pastrami sandwich, you'll absolutely understand why they have been serving them up for over a hundred years! #favoritethings #foodtrip #livetoeat