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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * *Muslim-owned Mir and Dan started Kava® in 2018 with a dedication to serve ethically sourced coffee without compromising quality. Their efforts made coffee farmers put their children in schools. Kava® vision is to be the founding father of gourmet coffee in South East Asia. Kava® is privately- owned, family-run coffee business in Singapore.


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The lady fingers were quite soft and I liked that there's no alcohol in it, but otherwise it was too creamy and there wasn't enough coffee. Felt like I was eating a cake


Despite me thinking that the cream was quite one dimensional in flavour and only seasoned w pepper, the rest seemed to love it. There's mussels and clams inside as well


Really nice tender chicken with a rich dark sauce, accompanied by a myriad of vegetables that were cooked well. Despite the name it actually taste closer to a western chicken chop


Seafood broth wasn't too heavy and quite full of flavour as well, slanting towards the savoury side instead of the sweet. Good amount of shellfish too


Settled on this for some beef and chicken protein. The staff didn’t bother asking for preferred doneness of the meat - not sure if it’s standard practice or if they were just overwhelmed. Fortunately, both the meats were pretty tender and the brown sauce accompaniment was quite good. However, this took way too long to serve (more than an hour), and it’s definitely not worth the wait.


We actually ordered the Jawbreaker burger with the meat platter but we were informed that they’d run out of burger buns about 20 minutes after we’d ordered. Apparently we could still order the Jawbreaker for the meat, but it’d be served without buns. Ok. No. Ended up ordering the Seared Barramundi & Prawn ($18) which was our free main dish with Burpple Beyond.

I still can’t get over how terrible the table management and service is. I have nothing against each of the waiters, but they really need to learn to prioritise how to serve beverages, while the kitchen needs to learn how to handle orders from multiple tables at one go. It’s ridiculous making customers wait for an hour for their mains and bottled drinks.

The food itself was actually pretty good. The barramundi was tender and gave easily when pulled off the fillet. It’s laid atop a bed of julienned vegetables to prevent it from soaking up the seafood bisque sauce below. Right on top of the fish were two grilled tiger prawns, which had a lovely smoked char. The prawn shells are sliced down the middle so it’s easier to deshell, which is a nice touch. However, one of the prawns wasn’t too fresh and the flesh was a little mushy. Still, both the fish and prawns went well with the seafood sauce below. Overall, the dish was very nicely presented and tasted good. It’s extremely affordable with the Beyond deal but I would not return due to the ridiculous waiting time.