335 Smith Street
#02-003 Chinatown Food Complex Market & Food Centre
Singapore 081006

11:30am - 08:00pm

11:30am - 08:00pm

11:30am - 08:00pm

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Reviews at Kazan Japanese Cuisine (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre)

Reviews of good food at Kazan Japanese Cuisine (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre)
Unagi Set $8

Man man unagi standard, wallet-friendly version at 1/4 the cost. This humble stall operated by a sincere Uncle and kind old lady is well worth a visit if you are in the area!

Katsudon $5

You could eat at Chinatown Complex everyday for a year and still not have fully plumbed the depths of the sprawling food labyrinth that is the largest hawker centre in Singapore. Case in point - this innocuous stall selling Japanese food nestled at the far end(or start, depending on where you enter from) of the hawker centre, where a small queue of office worker types wait patiently for their orders of high quality yet affordable donburi sets.

My katsudon came with freshly fried crispy pork cutlets covered in still slightly runny scrambled egg, sweet katsu sauce, soft onion and nori strips atop a mound of well cooked short grain rice. It may take a while, but you can taste the care that goes into the food, and service was hospitable from the friendly auntie too! Every order also comes with a bowl of miso soup and Japanese pickles.

#02-003 Chinatown Food Complex, 335 Smith Street, 050335

Taste: 3.5/5

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Unagi set - The unagi arrived glistening, due to its wonderfully caramelised exterior. While the skin was slightly crisp, the meat within was tender, boasting a rich, sweet flavour.

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Ebi Don Set ($5.50)

This tiny stall in the hawker centre gives similar eateries and even some popular Japanese restaurants a run for their money. Huge and crunchy breaded prawns on a bed of seasoned short-grain rice is made extra delicious with a runny egg and generous dollop of sweet caramelised onions infused with the savoury flavours of a good dashi stock.

Cost? 5-odd dollars. Satisfaction? Priceless. Return visits are guaranteed with the wide variety of Japanese bento sets that come in equally generous portions, such as huge slabs of teriyaki salmon and crispy chicken cutlets.

Not prepared to brave the snaking lunch queue? Go early during dinner before they close at 8pm. FYI: They are closed on Saturdays.

Katsu Don.

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