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Ojien (oyster omelette in hokkien) is an omelette that uses egg, starch, oyster as its base. Good ojien- at least to me- seems like a dish hard to find done right outside. Most people swear by Penang but really? 5 hour drive? Well Nanking in Taipan USJ sells nicely done ojien under one condition: go when no one or little people are present. We went on a rainy night (floods, whole day rain bleargh) and our ojien came out like I like it: crispy with juicy oysters big by Malaysian Ojien standards. Tho a friend that came with me said his ojien the previous night didn't taste as good so it might be a hit and miss kinda thing. Large goes for RM 17, Medium RM 13 and Small RM 10. Not a fan of their chili sauce tho. Maybe I should bring mine the next time 🙈


Eat half of the rice .