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More Reviews at Gyoza King

More Reviews of good food at Gyoza King

Got 5 gyoza and 2 side dishes. The side dishes were delicious!

Gyoza King offers budget set meal includes soup, rice, 5 pcs gyoza, 2 side-dishes and free flow of marinated bean sprout & pickles .
Gyoza with ramen broth:
-Prawn & chicken
Side dishes:
-Chicken Nanban with Tartar sauce
-Stir fried Pork Ginger
-Stir fried egg with Chinese chives
-Steamed Chicken with Sesame Sauce
-Deep fried prawn with mayonnaise sauce
-Deep fried chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce
-Deep fried Tofu with Japanese Dashi Sauce
-Macaroni Salad
饺子 gyoza
小菜 Side dishes
整餐下来我最喜欢的部分。号称选用的是日本最贵的Koshihikari rice,配我喜欢的芝麻香脆拌料还是很赞的。


The dinner set comes with rice, soup, 2 side dishes and gyoza. Satisfying and taste pretty good. The gyoza was pretty good, I could eat another tray. Price : $16+ per set.


First, let me acknowledge that this is a terrible picture BUT a very good meal. As expected from a Keisuke outpost. For $13.80, you get your choice of gyoza (we tried all three: chicken, pork, prawn), two sides, rice and free flow pickles!

It was a bad day for the gyozas, which didn’t seem to be sealed properly, and so kept coming apart. But even as separate components the filling and the skin fared well. Favourite has to be the crunchy, flavourful prawn that comes mixed with pork.

On sides, get the pork sukiyaki (melt-in-the-mouth slices with raw egg for dipping), crispy chicken nanban or the jiggly egg with chives. Yum.


So satisfied!

Can’t believe there’s such affordable Japanese in the CBD area. For $13.90++, you can have Gyoza King’s gyoza set meal.

The set consists of 5 gyozas of which you can select either pork, chicken or prawn, Koshihikari rice, a soup and two side dishes. I opted for the stir fried egg with Chinese chives because LOOK AT HOW RUNNY IT IS. It was great when one eats it with the rice. I also picked the chicken nanban because who doesn’t love fried chicken.

You may also choose deep fried chicken with spicy sauce and mixed sesame, spinach with soya sauce and bonito flakes, pork sukiyaki with raw egg, stir-fried brinjal with miso, deep fried prawn with mayo and deep fried white fish with tempura sauce.


Throwback to the Gyoza Set ($13.90) I had a while ago at Gyoza King, which came with 5 dumplings, 2 side dishes, rice and soup. The shrimp dumplings were plump and juicy, and the dumpling skin was thin👍🏻 The omelette and eggplant sides went really well with the rice too. Looks like it’s time for another visit to satisfy the craving!

S$13.90 before Gst for 5 piece Gyoza, 2 side dishes out of 8 choices, rice, miso or vegetable soup and free flow marinated bean sprouts and pickled vegetables.

Meal was above average and worth the price, but in my opinion not worth a queue. Queue times, if any, could be spent on the same brand's ramen instead, which has several outlets nearby the area.

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Finally found the chance to try another Keisuke-san outlet at his tanjong pagar territory. Fuss-free dining place with simple menu. 3 options to choose from, either the pork, chicken or prawn gyoza. You can choose whether to have it ala-carte or topped up to a set. Set will comes with rice, soup and 2 sides. Prawn on the black plate and pork on the white. Flavourful and juicy meat wrapped with thin and soft skin definitely attract many return customer to this eatery. Another well-executed specialty dining place by keisuke-san.


Just $13.90 you get yourself 5 pcs of chicken/pork/prawn dumplings come with unlimited refill of rice and egg, complete with miso/vegetables soup and choices of 2 side dishes. Do expect a queue as the place is quite small. Outdoor seats is available as well. The staff here is super friendly and occasionally will joke with you too.

Just as good as I remembered, the well-executed gyozas are not greasy or cloy. The selection of sides were also equally good, with the Deep Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise sauce being my favourite. And of course, spamming the rice with lots of furikake cause it is good (and it is free😂).


Until i had keisuke oh my gad changed my mind abt gyozas i love them now. Nanban tastes like heaven too everything was gr8 yay


So affordable, so fulfilling. Super worth it! Highly recommend the pork gyoza with the pork sukiyaki as sides. Ask for a raw egg and mix it with the steam rice and soya sauce. Heaven.


And much as I love Ginza Tendon, I hardly want to be a walking tempura in office so we head for Gyoza King. No ramen here but GYOZA only! Great for those don't like carbs.

Gyoza set comes with a plate of 5 gyoza, choice of rice size and 2 side dishes, which I felt are reasonably priced. There's three kinds of Gyoza fillings available here, so we went for Tonkotsu King (pork) and Keisuke (prawn). Fine minced pork/prawn wrapped in thin skin and pan-fried for crispiness yet retain the juiciness in the meat. My personal preference? Definitely the Tonkotsu King!!

comes with 5 pieces of gyoza (pork or chicken or prawn choices available), choose 2 side dishes with rice (can choose portion of rice) and soup! very filling. we tried prawn n pork gyoza, couldn't really tell much difference, just tt e prawn one had small pieces of prawn meat.

for side dish, highly recommend the deep fried chicken with black pepper sauce!


Prawn Gyoza with a side of rice, stir fried egg with chives, spinach and miso soup.
Simple, satisfying meals for hungry bellies and devoured over questionable conversations.


Can't wait for my fat burning supplements to arrive. 😂😂 #allfakebutwhocares #burpple

Great service, free flow tow gay, awesome food! Just xiao squeezed, small space!


Quality, quality lunch at an incredible price. Gyoza comes with 2 sides and miso soup. Insider tip: you can request for a free raw egg and kikoman to go with your hot rice!

Customise your own gyoza set - 5 dumplings, 2 side dishes, 1 bowl of Koshihikari rice and soup at Gyoza King. With 3 types of gyozas (prawn, chicken and pork) and 8 side dishes to choose from, I was spoilt for choice and even picking the rice portion seemed like a trick question. Encased in a thin and crispy pan-fried exterior, the minced prawn was pretty good but I preferred the pork gyoza which my friend ordered and both weren't too oily or dry. As for the side dishes, I had the pork sukiyaki with a raw egg which went really well with the fluffy pearls of rice that I spammed heavily with furikake. Indeed a satisfying lunch~

Tried the chicken and pork Gyoza and preferred the pork one more:) I was quite disappointed by their Gyoza because of the high expectations I went with:( still preferred the Gyoza at Osaka ohsho though their ramen isn't that good. However their sides weren't too bad:) definitely an experience that filled the tummies instead of the hearts.

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