More Reviews at Kelantan Kway Chap (Berseh Food Centre)

More Reviews of good food at Kelantan Kway Chap (Berseh Food Centre)

I’m actually surprised to see this stall gotten their Bib Gourmand last year, as it wasn’t so well-known to most of the people, as compared to other similar stalls.

There’s wasn’t any queue as well when I was here during late lunch time.

Their kway chap here provide a mix of ingredients from assortment of pork belly to intestines and pig skin.

Their Teochew style kway chap cooked in braised sauce, which you would find this stall given more on the spongy and soft pig skin. They have a stronger taste of meat to me here.

The kway chap broth is light and peppery with hints of spices. Innards are well cleaned and braised but the braising sauce lacked fragrance. Beancurd skin was a little too hard and needed more cooking time before it should get served to customers. The chilli was good though, tangy and spicy enough. Overall, a decent kway chap priced affordably in a hawker centre.

Kway Chap Braised Delight 》$8
Braised Pig's Trotter 》$5
Braised Beancurd Skin 》$2

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Arrived at 10.40am hoping to beat the queue caused by the hordes of customers descending on this newly minted Bib Gourmand Kway Chap stall. Ended up the only customer there. Did a double take and checked the stall number. Yes Kelantan Kway Chap, 02-39.

A single portion costs $5.00. Reasonable price these days. You get a plate of pork intestines, half a braise hard boil egg, pork belly, stomach, skin and fried bean curd. Plus a bowl of Kway. They offer two different chilli sauces, one more savoury, the other more sour, both packing a lot of heat. Try to dip your meat into different sauces to see which one works best for you. The intestines were well cleaned and has no gamely smell. But it is very mushy and lacks the chewiness compared with others. I liked the pork skin the best. The gelatinous skin was a delight to chew on and goes very well with either of the chilli sauces. The gravy has a stronger hint of cinnamon than others but otherwise quite normal too.

The Kway was very smooth. Adding shallot oil gives it a different dimension of flavour. But after like 10 mins, you see the soup turning turbid and murky. And it lacks any flavour. You should add a dollop of the savoury chilli sauce to the soup.

All in, I must say this is not bad but where is the wow?I think the Michelin judges need to go try the other famous kway chap stalls in Singapore. And after they are done, go over to JB and try their Kway Teow Kia.

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Most people will order their kway chap, but I decided to try their Pig Organ Soup ($6 large portion including rice) and I was delightfully surprised! Not only the soup is robust from cooking the different innards and salted cabbage, they also added abit of shallot oil, which made it so fragrant! There were so many ingredients given as well, and I was especially impressed by the liver slices, as they were thick and so fresh! Hardly grainy at all. Their chilli is really wonderfully vinegary and spicy as well. Definitely a wonderful option if you are at Berseh Food Centre!

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On rainy days, I do crave for Kway Chap and I'm glad I found this gem! They have sets of various sizes and we got the medium one ($10). The amount given isn't alot, but I must say all ingredients were delicious! They gave both the large and small intestines that were not gamey, and we appreciated how tender the pork meat given was and how the noodles still have a bite to them. Will be back!

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Really hard to find much fault in this. The kwap chap set ($9 for 2 in this pic) boast really chewy kway (which is rare) with a good flavourful broth! The ingredients given were mostly large intestines, small intestines and stomach that were good! The intestines may have a slight odour, but it isn't upsetting. All were braised well! The chilli they made definitely completed the dish 😍