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What you should order at KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra)

You should order these at KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra)

Reviews at KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra)

Reviews of good food at KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra)

KEK’s Golden Pork Ribs ($12 nett) is truly worth its weight in gold despite its one shortcoming. However, that isn’t saying much considering that most of the dishes that are churned out of the kitchen of KEK are pretty damn delicious.

Tender, juicy pork fillets are encrusted in a thin, crunchy batter that’s been deep fried to a glorious golden brown and dusted with chili padi, spring onions and sesame seeds. It would’ve been perfect, but alas, like many of the dishes at KEK, it was far too salty.

But then again, show me a chef who claims to have created the perfect dish, and I’ll show you a guy who’s tooting his own horn way too hard. All of KEK’s dishes are near perfection, but KEK has to master the art of subtlety in order to attain peak food performance.

Compared to the vast majority of KEK’s mouthwatering menu, the Boiled Prawns with Chinese Wine ($18 nett) was exceedingly virginal, and dare I say it, healthy, but it was the dish I ended up enjoying immensely despite having low expectations.

A number of yuge prawns have been boiled to perfection in Chinese Wine (Shao Xing Jiu for the more initiated), and are simply served as such. Now, it would be to your detriment if you were to discount these palatable prawns, because they are rather fetching despite their humble origins.

The prawns are fantastically fresh, and each bite gives you that oh so satisfying snap. Thanks to the boiling process, the prawn flesh is supremely sweet and slightly savory thanks to the Shao Xing Jiu mixture that it’s been boiled in, and there’s no trace of alcohol but a whole lotta flavor.

Really, these prawns are absolute stars thanks to their superb deliciousness despite being rather unassuming on paper.

Food was reasonably priced and most dishes have choices of small, medium or large portions.

The marmite chicken was slightly too sweet to be named “Marmite chicken” but chicken was crispy and pretty good even with the sauce. The sambal kang kong was mediocre for people who love their food spicy. At least there were little shrimps in the sambal as compared to those purely sambal paste ones in other zi char places. The moonlight horfun was slightly disappointing- we were not sure if the egg made it seemed oily or if the horfun was oily to begin with (Advice: they would ask if you want the egg cooked or not cooked - perhaps choose the cooked one because the horfun was not hot enough to cook the egg white properly)

It was all in all an ok experience but there are better zi char out there. Will come back for the crab bee hoon next time because there are raves about it. Till then!

A very unique dish here at KEK, and it's one of their signatures. The beancurd skin was stuffed with plenty of ingredients such as mushrooms, salted egg yolk, prawns and ham. This strange mix of ingredients may get confusing for the palate, but the dominant taste is mushrooms.

Spinach with Ikan Billis

This vegetable dish would have been considered as a thorn among the roses of seafood like Chilli and pepper crab and juicy prawns and fish dishes .

However - this dish is my personal Favourite from Keng eng kee. The fresh vegetables are cooked just right with a hint of spiciness from some red cut chillies while the crunchy ikan billis provided the umami for the dish.

I specifically asked for the omission of corn starch because this dish typically comes with a sauce with a gooey / sticky consistency- which I dislike :)

Do try ordering sans the corn starch and you may be in for a surprise !

I thoroughly enjoyed this dish! Some pieces were mostly flour instead of meat but they were fried so very crispy and so satisfying when drenched with the sauce. I haven't had much experience with marmite in zi char (though I've tried, and liked, vegemite as a spread) but this reminded me so much of a sweet honey glaze. I can only imagine it'll go so well with a steaming bowl of white rice, but today we chose the horfun and sambal fried rice for our carbs.

Not a fan of this unfortunately, although it seems like they are known for this too. A little too oily and greasy for my liking, and they got cold really quickly. Prawn paste was generous, though!

Another of their signature dish! It's certainly one of the better renditions I've had, just because the coffee flavour wasn't overpowering and nicely balanced with the sweet. One piece is probably enough to satisfy though!

This was the best dish of the night, in most of our opinions! They were fried till crisp, and although I was expecting a wetter "zhup", it was good nonetheless! Texture wise was something like the bits in cereal prawn, and although there was a few in our party who don't eat seafood, they ate those addictive bits happily.

To be honest I was expecting a lil more considering it's so highly raved about, and wished there was more wok hei. BUT I will admit there was something about the noodles that made the dish too easy to slurp down and finish. Plus points for it not tasting too greasy!

Tender ribs soaked in sweet and sticky sauce, the coffee ribs are so fragrant I could eat it like this with just a bowl of rice 👍🏼

Definitely a must order here, this dish is as fragrant as it is crispy. Utterly chewy, the sotong was so fresh I cleared the entire plate 💯

No points given for guessing why this dish is called Moonlight Hor Fun (月光河粉). Undoubtedly the most wok hei laden plate of Hor fun I've tasted, the plate's filled to the brim with lup cheong and other seafood. When you break the yolk and mixed it with the Hor fun, the dish instantly becomes more smooth and slippery. 💯

Delicious zhichar at reasonable prices. Don't let the picture of empty tables fool you - I dined early to avoid the crowd. If you notice closely, the empty tables are all actually reserved, as can be seen by the orders scribbled down on a price of paper that is attached to the plastic standee on each table!

So yes, you can call in advance to reserve a table, but be prepared to also place your order then to secure your reservation. ☺

We had:
Coffee Pork Ribs - Small / 咖啡排骨 - 小 ($12)
Great honey & coffee flavour, no bones to drive me crazy. Insanely fragrant too.

Prawn Roll - Small / 虾枣 - 小 ($8)
Though fried, oil doesn't ooze from its side, which I really like. Comes with dipping sauce in a little plastic dish.

Lotus Vegetables - Small /菜脯小炒王 - 小 ($12)
Crunchy bits left crunchy, juicy bits were juicy. Good choice!

Double Boiled Soup - Large / 时日村汤 - 大 ($12)
Slightly creamy, comfortingly decadent. Check with them what soups are available as it changes often.

Bai Ling Gu & Chinese Mushrooms with Spinach - Small / 白灵菇冬菇菠菜 - 小 ($15)
This was alright, didn't find it very special but also I'm not the biggest fan of spinach, so...

Individual bowls of rice are 60¢ each. Wet towels are chargeable by default at 20¢ each; if you don't want them, just return them when you call for the bill.

🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
📞 Accepts reservations - call them

A term used to describe Chinese communal dining, where various homestyle dishes are shared and eaten with white rice, "zi char" is a great meal option for groups — the more diners there are, the more dishes you get to try. A Burpple community favourite for zi char, KEK offers dishes that are full on flavour and affordably-priced, plus the service is prompt and friendly. Get the popular Coffee Ribs (from $12), which sees tender ribs slicked in a sweet and sticky sauce, redolent with the aroma of coffee; as well as the Salted Egg Yolk Sotong (from $12), where perfectly deep-fried battered squid rings are tossed with umami-rich salted egg sauce. Instead of pairing these with rice, get a plate of Moonlight Hor Fun (from $5) for carbs. Bearing a delicious smokiness from the wok, this dish of flat rice noodles is cooked with Chinese sausage, prawns, bean sprouts and lard, finished with a raw egg that completely transforms the dish when you mix it in. Pro tip: Order small portions of the dishes, so you have tummy space to try more. They also charge a very reasonable $5/bottle for corkage if you wish to BYOB. A cold Riesling goes wonderfully with the food here.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photos by Burpplers Muriel A, Su Yin Neo and Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

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