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Served Cold, The Sea Bream Roe is Expertly Handcrafted into a Tofu like Structure & Texture which Compliments Well with the Pea Sauce & the Yuzu brings the Palate to another Dimension. Wow, the combination Surprises me & is Truly Amazing. Oishī | おいしい 😋
ACAMASTIPS💮: It's quite Difficult & Challenging to make a Reservation at a Traditional &/or Famous Ryotei(Japanese Restaurant), I Highly Recommend that You make your Reservation through your Hotel Concierge or a Japanese Friend.
For a Famous Ryotei, Book it Weeks or Even Months in Advance. Luckily Nakamura-San from Nakamura Ryotei made a Next Day Reservation for me at Kigawa. Where one might need to wait days or even weeks for a counter seat. They even Translate the entire Omakase Menu to English. 🎌