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Reviews at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

Reviews of good food at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

Its you-mian dry, with meatballs, minced meat, fried onions, all you get to do is to add tons of fried chilli. The chilli gets saltier whn you add a lot, rather to spiciness. the chilli kick is not there. And its really really dry.. luckily it comes with soup! Bowl is big, but portion is small. ($5)


Sooooo tasty. The texture of the noodle, the creaminess of the poached egg, and the kick of spice, all brought together in one yummy bowl. Nuff said. $8.

An old favourite of mine, Signature Dry Chilli Pan Mee from Kin Kin.

The thought of a bowl of these noodles just makes me salivate. Add an additional poached egg for 70 cents and the chili paste, mix them together with the minced meat, meat balls, ikan bilis, scallions, roasted chilli flakes and you've got yourself an explosion of flavours in every bite.

The sheer spiciness will make you perspire profusely but it's totally worth it.

Good but I prefer the you Mian minced meat version. See my other review!


#03 meat ball and minced meat you mian. $5 Prefer this over the famous kin kin pan mee as I'm not a fan of ban mian. I tried the original and wasn't too impressed but this blew my mind. Meat balls and minced meat together with the Ikan billis, fried shallots and chili (with added vinegar and chilli) on wanton mee like noodles. Perfection.

2nd time here but made the same mistake I did about 4 years back and regretted instantly. Added too much chilli and numbed my taste buds, so you have been warned! However, standards have dropped significantly; the noodles were bland and a bit tough.

Back at Kin kin and it's sad to say that the standard is slightly inconsistent. The noodles were dry and hard, probably partly because it's been left out too long before serving. At least it could be saved by pouring some soup over the noodles. Otherwise, everything else was good. That kickass spicy chilli, the generous portion of shallots and anchovies, and oh, that lovely wobbly egg.


Price: $5.00
What it tasted like: $4.00
Rev: 3.5/5*
I'm late to the kkc craze that has once dominated/annoyed the feeds of many Singaporeans!
+ Noodles were really springy with a firm texture, one of the better ones I've had in a long time
+ That chilli, woo!
+ Tasty soup, better than your usual bland msg soup.
- Not much ingredients there for 5 bucks.
- Could have more side dishes to boost up the fare.

When our noodles were served, I couldn't help but notice that @missjunelee, @debbieyong & @joycehuang's meat balls were neatly arranged and so I said "My balls are all over the place!" June was like "wanna say it louder?". 😁 #yummy #burpple #sgfood

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Like totally never see! But nth much I'm alive and eating well hehe.

Friday food adventures with @osmanthus_tea part #1: Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee!! & very very plump fish balls #shiok #tgif #throwback

Wouldn't have made it here if @ironsage hadn't been raving about their homemade giant fishballs! Think my ideal fishball noodles will have the dry noodles and fish cake from A Noodle Story, fishballs from Kin Kin, and meatballs and hee kiaw from Song Kee. 😍

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Not a noodles person, but I enjoyed their springy pan mee mixed with their in-house chilli.

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Awesome taste, with the noodles and egg cooked to perfection. Would be better if the Singaporean Ban Mian is used instead

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Kin Kin made the news some time last year, drawing a 2 hour long queue for this famed bowl of Pan Mee. I finally got down to trying this and if there is one word to describe this, it's shiok! I loved how the concoction of shallots, lard, minced meat and anchovies added a nice crunch to the springy noodles. I also liked how the broken yolk brought together the seemingly differing components of the dish. Most of all, I loved the hot hot Pan Mee chilli.

The best ban mee I've had in Singapore but definitely not comparable to the original KL branch still. The egg could've been a little less cooked but the noodles were cooked al dente to perfection. Surprisingly the you mee chilli seems to go better than the original ban mee chilli.


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