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We are a cosy little ice cream cafe serving up unique homemade ice creams, fusion pastas and other desserts! All made in-house. Great place for relaxing/studying with a nice view on the 2nd floor to watch the world go by ~

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Chose the grannysmith apple pie and coffee infused with kahlua and brownie bits. The first flavour wasn't to our liking but the second flavour was quite rich in coffee, not too sweet. Ice cream melts quite fast though.

The ambience in this small cafe was good, but dine in is subject to service charge ._.

[ Flavours in Focus: Watermelon Calamansi (Sorbet) + Apple Pie (ice cream) ] Always happy to visit the most reliable ice cream spot in the neighbourhood: Kindred Folk! One thing that keeps me visiting an establishment is a constant trend of improvement, and if you’ve been following KF since their inception years ago, you can really taste and feel the quality change!

Take my fav flavour Watermelon Calamansi for example. A month into opening, I remember despite how much I enjoyed the flavour combination, the sorbet lacked a cohesiveness — the ice felt separate from the flavours, and the entire texture was a tad too wet for my liking.

Fast forward to today, and you’ve this even and smooth scoop with a mouthfeel closer to the silkiness of ice cream than the icy sheen of most sorbets! The mix is a little more muted (for better not worse since you don’t get any of that cloying aftertaste a few spoons in), but you can still taste the refreshing sharpness of each flavour. Especially welcomed if you are looking for a palate cleanser!

The apple pie ice cream a certain someone got was pretty good too — velveteen exterior with surprise pockets of crumble inside; a very fun eating experience!

probably the only 2 flavours that are good here — cereal milk & loaded cookies n cream. waffles were very crispy and good!! place is kinda small and can get quite loud though

Hojicha was not bad - it had a roasty and sweet taste. Apple pie was meh but I did like the crunch from the nuts. Wasn’t a fan of the apple cubes within. Also tried the cereal milk flavour, which was q nice but a bit too sweet, but it really tastes like how cereal-soaked milk would taste like. Their ice creams have a rather smooth texture!

I’m not gonna lie: I was abit skeptical walking in cause it looked so neighbourhood kinda tiny and messy and I’m sorry stereotypes ok. But man their ice creams. I wouldn’t even call them ice cream tbh, it’s creamier than even some gelato I’ve tried, boasting a correspondingly lower melting point as well (ie. melts in your hands not your mouth lolol). I settled for the Cereal Milk and Sea Salt Gula-Coconut (or something along those lines), and I can assure you both flavours are amazeballs. The former was mildly malty, had a good dose of sugar and a mega creamy texture; the latter had lovely bits of desiccated coconut (I believe) folded into a smooth, lightly sweetened but discernibly salted base. I loved them both so much I was drinking the melted remnants off the cup 🙃 I also had a little taste of their Apple Pie and I’d definitely call that a winner too!

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A popular ice cream shop that drew the attention of all the passers-by, I was lucky enough to get a table for four outdoors at Level 1.

The Rum & Raisin ice cream was a premium flavour that appeared quite tempting (alcoholics alert!), but I wished it could still go a bit more generous with the alcohol for that absolute kick.

Their Brownie, on the other hand, left an impression that it was slightly on the dry side, and that could have made the brownie a tad crumbly. However, if taken with the melting ice cream, the satisfaction seemed to be just right. I guessed the photo would speak for itself in this case.

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