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Kindred Folk

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We are a cosy little ice cream cafe serving up unique homemade ice creams, fusion pastas and other desserts! All made in-house. Great place for relaxing/studying with a nice view on the 2nd floor to watch the world go by ~

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9” sun-dried thin crust pizza topped with bland, tough chicken breast.


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I-scREAMS!!!!!! ordered a double scoop + double charcoal waffle and holy fudgeroni THE CEREAL MILK FLAVOUR IS TO DIE FOR!!! I also ordered like my standard earl grey and it’s ok lor i mean what can go wrong right tho abit lacking in the aroma buT WOW THE CEREAL MILK HNNNG i think its the nostalgia which hit me tbh omg i still taste it ON MY TONGUE it rlly left me impressed and i would travel all the way down to kap just to have a scoop la hands down most memorable icecream ive ever tasted... im gna go home to eat some cereals now.......

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The charcoal waffle is crispy yet soft on the inside. We bought the nut nutella and cookie and cream which is a good combination. Price wise, it is affordable after the burpple discount. Spend a total of $20 which is inclusive of a pizza and drumlets.

Found another gem in the hood. Really enjoyed these two ice cream flavors at kindred folk - rich and milky. Cookies and cream (which was packed with cookies) and cereal flavor! Charcoal waffles was also well done and complemented the flavors. Glad to have enjoyed 40% on Burpple beyond!

Kindred folk doesnt have the typical 1for1 but they offer discounts for the meal of which the most worthy is the 40% off deal (only for ala carte items). The mains r so-so (food court standard). The ice cream and the waffle was disappointing too. Better off with Udders/Creamier.

Here at Kindred Folk, they serve the Tomayto-Tomato which is Fettuccine tossed in homemade crushed tomato sauce with sauteed onions, topped with chorizo or smokey beef sausage. So simple yet so satisfying!

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