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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * kite is a place to share a favourite pastime with friends, family and colleagues. We serve modern comfort food, dim sum style. kite stocks a selection of exquisite and under the radar wine labels and craft spirits. We create local adaptations on classic cocktail recipes that altogether showcase the quirkiness and passion of the amazing team behind not just another restaurant but a place you will feel comfortable sharing a conversation in.

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Aptly named with little flowers sprouting out of nut soils. Texture was interesting, with a surprise caramelised white chocolate hidden in the centre, while the nutty, chocolatey taste was balanced by zest from passionfruit.
It’s a pretty good dessert on its own, but since you have a choice of ordering more mains, my advice would be to reserve that last spot of lunch item to be another main, especially so that portions are really small here.


Someone well-versed in food science must have known that 42 degrees is the optimum temperature for poaching this salmon.. 😊
Possibly, the intricate texture is evident as the salmon breaks apart easily through the fork but stays together as a chunk when lifted. It is served with marinated seaweed, crunchy apples and umami furikake for added contrast in textures.


This is our firm favourite among the dishes we ordered here. Pork collar stewed till soft, with texture perfectly matched by the mushy you tiao veloute. Natural sweetness of the pork complimented the sweet oniony stew, it’s tasty and comforting. Ordering this would however be a pricey affair for a tiny bowl, it’s for that occasional indulgence.


Cold somen topped with smoky seared Hokkaido scallops, with crunch from tobiko, and some umani from unagi.
We love this except for its portion size. A three course lunch may look affordable, but be warned that portions here are really small, with supplement required for most many dishes. Expect to pay between $40 to $50 per person for a lunch here.


Missing the fan choy that we used to buy from the tiny showcase counter at coffeeshops? This is an upscale version of it, with the use of wagyu char siew. Served with soy egg, pickled ginger, and fluffy and flavourful rice, it’s really my kind of comfort food.


A simple curd intricately plated with milk soil, wolfberries, and blobs of lime yoghurt. Tangy but not overly sour, this felt more like a palate cleanser for me to move on to a heavier dessert.
Given that you’re free to choose anything from the list to craft your 3 course lunch, you could actually skip the desserts here (if you do the math, a dessert here costs $11) and opt for more of the more substantial mains.