Knots Cafe and Living (MacPherson)

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Knots Cafe and living is a harmony of furniture, cafe and flowers.

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From the Burpple community

As someone who usually refrains from ordering breakfast food given how easy it is to replicate at home, I must say I was blown away by the breakfast platter here primarily due to the knockout waffles. The folks here must have their waffle recipe down pat as each mouthful offered an incredibly crisp exterior and fluffy centre. They really brought the word 'buttermilk' to mind with its full, milky flavour, and even reminded me of the 'liege waffles' i had in Belgium.

Although MacPherson is quite a distance from my home, I have found myself returning time and time again for the rustic garden-themed cafe and great cafe food. Heard they've just opened a branch in Pasir Panjang and can't wait to check it out!

Ordered the pork chops, egg Benedict and fruits and spinach salad. Food was decent and reasonably priced and the place was really quaint and cozy!

This burger tasted as good as it looks! Because of the precarious way the thick ingredients are stacked, you can all that's inside already. I must highlight that the cameralised onions were fresh and significantly sweet, and the fries were so crispy and perfectly done.

Tying the knot between handcrafted designer furniture and food, Knots Café and Living is what I would term an instagrammable space, filled with greenery and designed to let light flood in beautifully. Unsurprising, as the owners of this cafe also own the local florist chain Sitting in here felt like I was in an oasis and hidden away in time - sadly though, with the current situation which requires social distancing measures, diners are limited to 90 minutes.

The flaky layered texture of the croissant was on point, and harmonised well with the silky scrambled eggs. The bacon seemed a little extra, but it was cooked the way I liked it - juicy crispy. The iced dirty chai was lovely, especially when made with oat milk as requested.

My only gripe was that the tables also gripped onto our phones, paper napkins and just about everything - tables were sticky and felt dirty. Not sure I’d be back because it’s not the most convenient of places for a 90 minute sitting, despite being a 500m distance from MacPherson mrt station.

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The pasta was delish!!! Creamy, with spinach and button mushrooms, it was paired perfectly with the Parma ham. Portion was good, the creaminess of the pasta was optimal as well. Will come back again

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This cafe located in Paya Lebar limits customers to 90 mins. The second level of the cafe is no longer accessible due to “safe distancing” measures. The food was so so and yet more pricy than most cafes. If you are there for good food, don’t. If you are there to take in the decor and post on Instagram, you will not be disappointed.

Won’t be back any time soon.