[CLOSED] Kohi-Koji (Emporium Shokuhin)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Savour the taste of handcrafted coffee from specially chosen Brazil and Panama beans, and whiffs of freshly baked Japanese-style pastries at our café and bakery, while lounging at the double-volume atrium.


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Shared the rainbow cake & Valrhona chocolate cake with Sis and we both agreed their cakes were surprisingly good👍🏻

The rainbow cake was moist and the cream cheese was just enough to give it a more full bodied taste but not too much that it makes you feel sick after a fee bites. In fact, I couldn’t stop after the first bite 😄

The Valrhona chocolate cake reminded us of the Starbucks Ovaltine chocolate cake, but a fresher version. The cake was softer and the chocolate richer. Had this with their matcha latte and it was a little heavy overall. Should have gotten an iced tea instead~


Got caught in some super lucky discount (30% off) so only paid 7bux

Salted caramel cheesecake(6.8nett) was superb!!!! The cheese jiggled all the way from the cointer to my table. They actually provide plastic knives beside the dessert fork as the cheese is so soft and piled so high its impossible to cut thru without spilling just using the fork. Salted caramel flavour was not "punch u in the face" intense but it does come through very nicely. Crust was also right up my alley as i prefer a cake-like crust to a biscuity crust(theirs was q soft). Got a bit jelak towards the end as i had a heavy dinner and the cream puff before this, but by itself its actually rather light. Probably my favourite salted caramel cheesecake of all time

Vanilla cream puff (3.2nett) was also really well done, creamy and vanilla flavour was super intense in this case. Be careful tho its very messy if u arent careful(i messed up my whole face trying to chomp down the puff XD)


Hmm... perhaps 'war' would be a much better word to illustrate this point.

Anyway, it's such a pain in the *cough* when this chronic ailment keeps wreaking havoc on my daily sleeping routine (and life) for the past couple of weeks, months, and years. I dare say it's one of the worst illness ever; like the annoying gf/bf that never fails to bother you on a perpetual basis. 😪

For now, I'm just going to turn to matcha therapy as my counter-intuitive contingency plan - a brilliant solution of using caffeine to dispel insomnia. 😗

P.S.: I'm in love with the latte art created by @boywithhaemoglobin . The fish lips - super 'kawaii'! 😍❤


That said, I still couldn't resist the urge to buy the milk bun 😳... (whispers: that gorgeous milk custard hiding beneath the crunchy cookie crust is simply TO DIE FOR 😍)

The café for freshly baked breads and a good doze of caffeine to start the day. Kohi Koji serves a good range of bread, sandwiches, salads, pastry and cakes and these are all baked freshly everyday in their very own bakery. Their coffees are also handcrafted by their baristas, who does cute coffee art for customers.

A few recommended items would be their seafood croissant sandwich, salads, Valrhorna chocolate cake, sausage bun, croissant and fruit tarts (with Japanese fruits).

One of the best café I have been to.


Cakes yums we had opera and strawberry sponge with generous servings of strawberries and cream .. Emporium has good lunch deals that u have to check in and have your points w the membership card (btw card membership is complimentary)