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Had the dry wantons, and they tasted more like har gao. Really smooth and melts in the mouth. A plate of dry wantons costed $8.

Love the thin springy noodles that served with their special homemade sauce, which not too sweet, it’s balance sweet salty sauce and thin char siew and wanton..
💰$17 for 2 wanton mee and 1 dry wanton..
📍Kok Kee Wanton Noodles.
30 Foch Road, #01-02.

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Taste: Wanton Noodle (Dry). Noodle is very springy but wanton and char siew are normal.

Atmosphere: Located in a coffeeshop.

Service: Staff was friendly and usual waiting time is 5 to 8 minutes. Self service.

Price: ~$5

Where to find this place: Near a temple

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Finally got to have this again. It's as good as I remember! 😋


Never had the opportunity to try this famed wanton noodle previously and finally got my hands on a plate (or 1.5) today. I can understand the lure, and it’s unlike any wanton noodle that I’ve tried previously. At $5, it comes with 2 wanton, about 2-3 mouthful of noodles, some shreds of cardboard like char siew, a few strands of token veg and a splash of the chilli sauce. It’s definitely not sufficient for a meal! We bought 3 plates to share upon 2.

The gravy was a mix between sweet and savory and I can’t quite put a finger to what goes into it but pretty sure, there’s lard which gives its umami. The noodles were springy but there’s so little of it. The chilli weren’t spicy at all and tasted a little like those used at ngoh hiang stalls. The magic is when all of these are mixed together and they seem to complement each other. Worth a try once at least but it’s unlikely I’ll be here regularly. A little overrated I feel.

Go at around 1130 am before the queue builds up and forget about going in the evening as it closes very early

A star of this place is the fried wanton. A must have as it’s crispy and meaty

Price: $5 a plate

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It was a dreadful, hot 1 hour queue for this wanton mee, but it was quite worth it! (There were people queueing to take away 10 packets!!!) This is the wanton mee that used to be in Lavender Food Square in the past. It has now recently relocated to a coffee shop nearby. My mum found out after reading Burpple’s July 2019 Newly Opened places guide and decided we had to go!

The liquidy sauce that the noodles are swimming in is incredibly tasty, umami, and prawny, and their pork wantons taste almost like har gow. Remarkably, the steamed ones taste better than the fried ones here, because they’re so silky and have more of a prawn flavour. Their thinly sliced char siew is okay and noodles were a bit soft, but the sauce and wantons make it worth it despite their price.

P.s. portions are quite small and there is no large option, so order an extra plate if you have a big appetite. I saw a couple order 4 plates of wanton mee and a plate of fried wantons for themselves. 😳 I guess it’s worth ordering so much after queueing for so long!

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